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The significance of brief website content that is artistically and attractively knit


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Writing web content for an Online audience is very different from writing for a traditional print publication like a newspaper or a magazine. This is because Online readers access web site content from a screen. So, the Online reader is not likely to read word by word of the web page content. Rather than reading, one may term it as ‘scanning’ the web content.


Do you want to optimize the impact of your articles that serve as content for web site? Obviously you want your site to look well structured with the brief, crisp content.


Helpful pointers to create well structured, crisp and brief web site content:

  • Use Headings as often as possible
    The online reader, as we mentioned earlier, scans through the web content. This means you need to make the scanning process of your web page content easier. You can do this by breaking the content for web site into artistic headings as well as sub-headings. For this, a quick glance at the headings and sub headings would suffice. Headings also help to create the essential white space in the web site content. This makes a web site look clean and uncluttered.
  • Use Short Paras:
    It is not always comfortable to read on screen. The eyes go through considerable strain. So go easy on the reader’s eyes. You can do this by inserting short paras in your web content. It will help to improve the attention of the reader too. Short paras in the content for web site would look neater and organized. It also enables readers to spot what they were looking for at first glance itself.
  • Add Lists:
    The use of lists, bulleted and numerical, would enhance the readability of your web page content. It makes a clean structure look populated without appearing cluttered. When this is done, the web content appears more streamlined and structured to the topic.
  • Use Bold Text to emphasize -
    Regardless of the topic that you have written about, it is a fact that certain parts of your web site content may be more important than others. To help the reader understand this, you can use bold text to emphasize this point. That is why it is best to use bold text for your headings and sub-headings.
  • Add Links within site and article -
    Web page content is a terrific spot to add links to other web pages on your site itself or as part of your article. This is because readers may not read the whole web content. So, it makes sense to have links in the body of the article. This would make it far more convenient for all the visitors to access content for website on a particular topic.
  • Start a Blog to enhance interaction – The current trend in web site content is to start blogs so that interaction is heightened. Blogs are useful because it lets readers interact and comment on the postings. This type of interactive involvement from readers helps for a writer to connect with the target audience. This also encourages repeat visitors.
  • Make an RSS Feed - Once you are on track when it comes to writing, you can use RSS feeds to deliver the writing to more and more people. With RSS, you can be sure that other websites would syndicate your web content.


Incorporation of all these pointers would definitely enhance your web page content and mean greater exposure for your website and the writing.


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