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What is Content Management System?


Content Management System is a computer software that assists one in the process of content management. It is a technology that facilitates the user with control over the publication of a large amount of documentation.


A Content Management Software consists of two vital elements:

  1. The first essential element of a CMS is the Content Management Application (CMA). This element aids a content manager to create, alter and eliminate content from a website.

  2. The second vital element of CMS is Content Delivery Application (CDA). This feature compiles information so that the web site can be updated.

Combined together these two elements form the crux of a content management system. These features help the user to form, manage, allocate, publish and detect corporate information. The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor of a content management software is essentially supported by IE on Win, Win and MacOS.


An efficient content management system is the one that is:


  • Small - A content management system must be less than 100 KB.
  • Simple - A good CMS is the one that is easy to install and simpler to modify. The entire site of the content management software must be stored in a single HTML-file without the requirement of a database. This way, the user can edit their entire site with the help of a HTML-editor, upload the content files and get a dynamic website!
  • Smart - A CMS must have an integrated online WYSIWYG editor with image handling, link validation, online editing of site files and an automatic backup on logout.

Incorporation of all these features in a content management software is what makes it simply smart!


Providing so many wonderful features is what makes addCMS an essential part of any website designer or owners arsenal of tools. Our clients now rely on addCMS to develop and create great looking sites for themselves.



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