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How important is a home page for a web site


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There have been too many theories and tips on how to go about designing a website, however, this article covers all abouthome page for website and website homepage templates. It explains the importance of a website home page, how to make a website homepage look good and how to design the home page of website.


Why a website home page is important?

Just as the very thought of home page of a website reinforces values such as quality, visually pleasing effects and dialogue interactivity or warmth. The home page of a website should be one that propels these feelings. After all, it is important to make website homepage that provokes thinking and lets one make healthy choices in its comfort zone. In this context, the home page of a website should be a zone that lets users have their own space to make choices.


Another reason why a website home page design is important is because it reflects the individual’s vision and core work values.


What a website homepage must represent:

  • Reflection of Core Work Values-
    When one decides to make a website homepage, it is important to remember that the page mirrors the core work values and overall image of the corporate or the individual. The content and design on the website home pages should be relevant enough to fortify its significance to the online users.

    Example: A website on cars shouldn’t be having a design or content that emphasizes on real estate opportunities or job vacancies. That would not correctly reflect the core values of the site.
  • Ask Valid Questions- It is important to pose the following questions before going ahead to make website homepage or insert website homepage templates. Here are some realistic questions to ask about the home page for website:
    • What do I/company want to establish with the creation of this official home page?
    • How can I/company reflect my core values and range of services effectively using this official home page?
    • What do I/company want to offer to the online users via website home pages?
  • Basic Elements of a Good home page for website:
    A good website homepage will typically comprise essential elements such as a logo, navigation links, tools and content. The purpose of a logo on a website homepage is to give the site a sense of branding and distinct identity. The website home page should enable easy navigation so that users can browse quickly and get the information they want without any hassles. Also, the content and links on the website homepage design should be relevant and not meaningless.
  • Keep It Simple: The website homepage design should not be crowded with too much information that may just scare away the online users. Simplicity is the key.
  • Good Page Design: Lastly, the website home page design should be good and effective sans too many high quality images or intensive use of flash elements. All of this would slow loading time. Online users are typically impatient so they would just go somewhere else than wait for ages. It is also important to weed out any unformatted information on the website home page design as that makes it difficult for users to read.

With these tips on the importance of creating a home page for website, remember to make sure that the home page should thrill the user to wonder, “Wow, what’s next on this site, I just cant wait to find out!”


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