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Things to consider while designing a website for Children


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Millions of children across the world know and enjoy the use of the Internet. More and more children are turning their interest to the Internet with every passing year. That is why; designing a website for children has great potential, especially as more children are estimated to be active online in the next few years.


In fact, there are many websites that specifically focus on children using content that may be either educational or entertainment based. The imporance in entertaining children through kids website is growing in significance. Even mainstream websites are adding new segments named "kids' corner" to target the attention of children.


Challenges in Designing Websites for Children

A sad truth is that there is very little awareness about the requirements of children as users on the Internet. Designing a children website requires a great understanding of how children use the Internet and what entices their instant attention. A website for children involves extensive planing and strategy to optimze future development. Every children website requires creativity and flexibility to adapt new designs and new technologies.


Children and Websites: A Perfect Fit

Lots of studies have been carried out to understand more about the behavior and preferences of children on a website. Here are some useful factors to consider if you want to design a website for children:


Weed out technical problems:

All kids website must prevent any kind of technical problems from cropping up on. Whenever kids see an error or technical problem on even their favorite website, they simply close the window and find some other children web site to visit. Any kind of web usability problem would deter kids from visiting again.


  • Ensure site loads fast:
    Unlike grown ups, children have no patience while browsing online. This means that if a children website is slow to load, they will shift to another kids website instantly without thinking twice.
  • Use Simple, Age Specific Content:
    For a kids website, extensive text or fancy wording in content may be problematic. This seriously impacts young children when they are forced to read above their current reading level. Children are also highly perceptive to point out between content that is meant for their age group and that which is not. It is normal to find six year old kids pointing out, “This is for nursery kids, not me. It’s a site for babies.”
  • Insert Geographic navigation metaphors:
    Inserting geographic navigation metaphors in a
    kids website is a great idea. This helps to spark their interest too. Children love to see through pictures of rooms, villages, 3D maps, or similar simulated environments that mirror an overview and entry point. This kind of geographic navigation should lead them to explore various parts of the site easily.
  • Use Funny and Colorful Content:
    Lastly, most children want to read content on a children website that is funny, entertaining and colorful. It is important to let children access the content as easily and simply as possible. Children are known to enjoy exploration and games while browsing on a children website. Therefore, the design must also be of high usability or else the kids will go to some other site.


There are lots of factors to consider while designing a kids website. This discussion has covered the most notable factors. So go ahead with confidence and get started with designing a kids website.


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