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Website Designing: A powerful Marketing Tool


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Creating your own website is a little like creating your own sales brochure but website design is definitely a lot more challenging and intricate because it is not enough to have a list of what needs to figure on the site alone, other factors of relevance creep in. But you need to ask, “What gets a user’s attention?”


A web site that provides information to the whole world about your business requires a planned website design because a great deal of attention needs to be given to ensure that it is advanced in terms of quality, website design, content and layout. Therefore, website designing, India is not something you can take as easily as a developing a sales brochure, no way!


Some useful tips for Website Designing:

  • Identify your audience:
    This is the major factor when you decide to opt for website design which works as a powerful tool to market your services. You need to have a clear idea as to who are the people who would be interested in your site. Accordingly, you can just target that audience. So ask yourself who are your current and potential customers and what type of preferences are they likely to have?  Remember, it is your target audience to whom you need to make the sales pitch to on your website.
  • Research and Learn:
    Website designing India does not happen overnight. You need to take a lot of time to research on the web and assess how your competitors’ sites work to propel traffic through their website designing. You can check unrelated sites too so that you can understand different layouts and styles of website design that may appeal to you. You can note the sites that you liked and the colors that seemed to really get your attention without being garish. You can note how the navigation through these sites works smoothly and save addresses that you want to bookmark. Remember, the website design should look good or else people won’t give it a second look and that would drastically impact your chances of securing increased business or sales.
  • Plan ahead:
    After you have understood the kind of audience who are most likely to show or express interest in the range of products or services that your website provides, plan the website design with experts who would take their own time to determine the lay out as well as the content for each web page on your site. The advantage of planning up front is that it will make things much easier when its time to launch the site to the world.
  • Determine Type of Graphics:
    The saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words” is particularly relevant when we talk of it in the context of web designing. In website designing India too, colors are considered as important to a website design as the text itself. Sometimes it is good to show the text itself in different colors to bring a user’s attention to the latest or most important information. It is important to be aware that if the graphics on your site exceed 8 seconds to load, you may lose a potential customer because no one likes to wait on in the virtual world. Effective use of graphics can propel a lot of traffic to your site.


Whatever website design you choose, remember to always connect with the rest of the world by sharing links to other sites that sell add-ons or related products. You can also request and arrange to secure reciprocal links. With website designing, the motto for success is that the more ways people see your site, the better for your business to grow.


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