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Website Content Vs Website Design! What wins the battle for a better business advantage?


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The battle of debate relating to Content vs. Design is an ongoing one. The truth is that both are complementary to securing the best business advantages. One cannot trigger success without the other.


However, let’s examine how important good website content is to generate interest in a website.



Relevance of Good Website Content

Have you noticed how the kind of writing we read on the Internet has turned so lifeless, dull and insipid? Have you noticed how most ideas seem to be copies of several others?


That is why good content is considered so invaluable. There is no point in having fancy design and layout if the content is dull and has nothing new to offer.


Living Sites

Many websites change or go through updating almost every week. Some websites change their content every day. There are still some exceptional websites that change every few minutes during a day.


Every revision in web content implies new writing using new words. Such frequent change is appreciable as it would generate high traffic and revenues at one go. These sites are sometimes terms as ‘living sites.’


An artist brings out different colors and textures to depict a simple landscape or a glorious sunset. In the same way, you have to visualize a different verbal treatment of any given subject. Following dull words and writing style will ensure that nobody will visit the website again.


When you have a living website, the content has informative and accurate. None of this is easy to accomplish.


To make sure that your writing stays dynamic and interesting, here are some simple tips:


Understand why you write for a website

Write for a website but you must understand why you write. Without that understanding, you won’t be able to reflect conviction and clarity in your writing.


Love Your Product

If your web site showcases a product, an enterprise, you must love it in order to represent it to others. If you can’t, don’t experiment with someone else’s tired, much repeated formula. It won’t help your website to give it a tired, empty formula.


Interweave topics

If you know your facts well, you can interweave other topics to garner interest. You can pile facts with cynical points that anger the reader or provoke a reader into debate. You can do anything but don’t overshadow the importance of the website you are representing.


Importance of Website Design

Those who don’t appreciate the importance of website designing, it is important to recognize its growing relevance. It’s not enough that your website just barely works and has lots of content without design. No one would give it a second look.


Website designing is the ‘zing’ factor that gives visual treatment to content. Visual attractiveness, easy navigation features and good graphics can bring more web visitors to a site than expected.


Here are some useful tips to preserve visual attractiveness to impress web visitors: rs.

  • Balanced layout:
    If your website doesn’t have a balanced layout, do something to bring in balance. Otherwise be ready to lose visitors.
  • Titles:
    Make sure the titles of navigation links are short but descriptive. Users should know what each link eventually leads to.
  • Provide liquid design:
    This refers to the latest trend by which a website adapts to the available space on its own. This is just like water moulds itself to take the shape of the container it is poured into.


Overall, it is good practice to blend in the best of content and website design. This would mark the end of a long drawn battle and open up great web traffic to your website.


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