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What are Web Templates?


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A web template is a pre-defined pattern that one can use and customize for a range of requirements. Lots of various template designs are available on various websites. There are dynamic web template, css website templates, html website templates and more. Howsoever, simple as this may sound, web templates are of different kinds such as web 2.0 template, premium web templates, and custom web templates. Nevertheless, choosing the right template design is based on one’s actual requirement.


One Template, Different Options

In the context of E-commerce, templates are useful. This is because, one can provide customized information on a wide range of products using the same templates.


A website design template for a business may be different as that would provide basic information about the business while a flash website template would be more complex because it is animated. Simply put, templates, whether open source web templates or microsoft expression web templates, help users to set up a website within no time at all.


Web templates such as open source web templates and many more are currently in use. Web templates are also used to make many web pages and web sites without incurring extra costs for its development.There are numerous advantages in using templates, be it dynamic web template, css website templates, html website templates and many more.


Types of web templates:

  • CSS Templates:
    Using web 2.0 template, premium web templates, custom web templates, css website template is a far better choice for web development. It provides greater flexibility as its layout separates presentation from coding. By using an external style sheet for a website, designers can now amend the layout through this style sheet and all the pages will be updated accordingly. In case the appearance of all paragraphs requires to be changed, the designer has to simply update a single file- style sheet and nothing else.
  • PSD Templates:
    Known as Photoshop templates, these are handy to use when one has to make customizations drastically such as changing the images or the navigational menus to an existing website template. To make changes, one would require a copy of the Photoshop and knowledge of how to slice the images into html documents. This activity is called coding the web template. However, it is pertinent to note that PSD web templates require some level of web design experience.
  • HTML web templates:
    Html website templates are very easy for beginners to work on. All that needs to be done is to simply add the text to a web template and there it is- a professional website at a click.
  • Microsoft Expression web templates:
    The microsoft expression web templates enable creation of high-quality, standard-based websites just the way one would want them. With features such as XHTML compliance, rich data presentation, easy CSS style creation, tag property grid and real time standard validation, this is definitely a highly advantageous option. The microsoft expression web templates also come with an in-built accessibility checker that ensures that web sites can conform to accessibility standards required.


Therefore, to conclude, one can notice that web templates, are a cheap and easy alternative if one intends to drastically cut down on time and effort in terms web development!


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