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Writing Web site content that lures visitors


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How often do we hear the words, “Content is the king,” though when you take a look at some of the web content, there is little to justify the quality. Today, if you want to create web site content that gets instant attention, it is important to adhere to certain set standards. Be it in the use of fonts, words, and even a clean, uncluttered layout, you need to plan and work hard on quality.


What’s Web Content?

Writing web site content is not as easy as it sounds because in today’s highly competitive realm, it is a very carefully thought out process. Many factors have to be combined to get the correct blend of information, style, and keywords.


When these factors balance well together, your web page content will spark interest and be pleasant to read and view. More importantly, it becomes easy for search engines to crawl your website. So, writing content for web site is an art and should be regarded with great care, adherence to quality and awareness of your target audience.


Simply put, you should know what you are writing, why you are writing and for whom you are writing. This can take up considerable time, effort, hard work, research and careful analysis.


A much preferred alternative is to hire professional content writers. The advantage of having a professional is that such a person would have the ability and experience to address your web site requirements.


Tips for writing web page content:

  • Tip 1:
    As we discussed above, web content writing is important because it increases attention to your website and what you are selling on the web. Therefore, it is essential to harness the best of your marketing capabilities to develop effective and informative content.

    Tip Example:
    Write on how your visitors benefit by availing of the services you offer. That is a good way of creating a positive impression rather than stating what unique services you offer. You should try to make your visitors relate with your products or services. When that happens, their attention will be a continuous process.
  • Tip 2:
    Keyword is an extremely vital part of web site content writing. It is important to ensure that every page of your website has one or two keywords. Ideally, these keywords must be frequently searched by users on a search engine. Remember not to overwhelm your article with keywords as search engines penalize that kind of keyword stuffing. All you need to do is use relevant keyword as part of the content.
  • Tip 3:
    When you write content for website, use short and crisp words. Try to convey an idea per paragraph on the web page. Use simple words so that visitors don’t need to refer to a dictionary due to complex word usage. Keep in mind that readers on the Web are people who are in a hurry to get the information and move on. The typical web browser has no patience to go through complex text or scroll through masses of text.
  • Tip 4:
    It is not easy to establish credibility on the web so remember to use objective language. It also helps to provide relevant headlines and subheads. Avoid use of promotional words that may read more like exaggerated claims than reasonable opinion. The use of hyperlinks to show the sources from which you got your information from would fortify your credibility further.
  • Tip 5:
    Reader fatigue happens easily on the Internet so make the web content easy for your users. What you can do is provide the most important information right at the top of the article.

Tipping Point:
In an average working day, people who browse on the Internet lose interest and suffer from information excess. So using these tips, keep your website interesting, refreshing and informative.


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