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Social Networking Website Designing


With the fast emergence of social networking sites such as Orkut, Skype and Facebook, the need for mapping individuals to other individuals specifically has increased tremendously. No wonder, addCMS has taken this opportunity to help more and more companies create Social Networking Website Design that resemble the most renowned social networking websites such as YouTube and Myspace to help them bring their business customers together, online.


We make sure that our designed social networking websites have the perfect layout and design that enables the website to attract more business clientele and make a better networking amongst their business leads.


Key features of addCMS Social Networking Website Designing:

  • Individual Profile Pages: Each of our Social Networking Websites allow users to create their own individual unique profile page that displays their personal information and picture.
  • Access Profiles of Networked Members: Our Social Network Website design enables users to access profiles of other networked members via an extension of the domain.
  • Profile Privacy: addCMS understands that the privacy of the user is of utmost importance. That is why, our social networking website layouts are designed to keep the privacy of the member intact.  
  • Birthday Reminders and Updates: We believe that the sole purpose of a social networking website is to increase and strengthen networking amongst friends and business associates. Birthday Reminders and Updates, enables users to make this bond stronger. addCMS designed social networking sites allow logged on members to see the updates and birthday reminders of their friends.
  • Skin Templates: In a world of change, we at addCMS apprehend the urge of users to change the way their profile looks, every now and then. We ensure that we provide various templates in our social networking website design that authorizes users to change the look and feel of their profile pages as and when they want.   
  • Blog Site Integration: Integration of a Blog site that can be accessible on a per-user basis. The content of the blogs would be available through each of the logged in user's profile as well as to those who have been collated within the Social Networking website.
  • Blog Comment Submission: addCMS ensures that there are provisions for users that allows them to comment on the blog entries and also on various other user profiles connected to the network.
  • Profile Browsing Options: Our Social Network Website Design would have the ability to allow users to browse through the pages of random site members, view other profiles and add them as friends or business associates for networking.
  • Private Messaging Facilities: addCMS created Social Networking Website designs have Private Messaging facilities so that the websites users can enjoy the liberty of communicating amongst each other.
  • Friend System: The Social Networking Websites designed through addCMS has a Friend system that authorizes the registered users to connect and network betwixt themselves.
  • Community Creation: Creating Communities to share thoughts and meet like minded people would be another option offered in our Social Networking Website design.
  • Option for Photo and Video Uploads: The social networking websites designed by addCMS have an additional provision for uploading Photo and video galleries on a per-user basis.


addCMS believes that these are just some of the fundamental building blocks that are essential to make your social networking website a success!