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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Website Designing


Recent researches indicate that around 75% of Internet users refer to the WWW to look for information on medical facts, treatments or research. This is where, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Website Designing services from addCMS would come as a blessing in disguise for you if you belong to the field of Clinical research and Healthcare.


Why addCMS for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Website Designing

At addCMS, our focus is on crafting the art of pharmaceutical website designing to perfection. We at addCMS guarantee that our health care website design would be the perfect solution for our targeted audiences.


Pharmaceutical Website Designing by addCMS

Our Pharmaceutical website designing services provide a tremendous amount of opportunities to those who wish to explore the power of WWW to create more potential leads. We at addCMS take great pride in having some of the most experienced and skilled experts on pharmaceutical and healthcare website designing and medical content writing.


Global Reach Leads to Increased Web Traffic and Visibility

By opting for our competent and creative health care website designs, you are bound to ensure global reach and attract increased web traffic to your site.


Features of our Pharmaceutical Website Design and Health Care Website Design:

  • Website design and development
  • Medical content writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC Marketing
  • Online Healthcare affiliate program integration
  • E-learning
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Shopping carts which use online credit card validation
  • Quote options and detailed product description
  • Catalog management
  • Integration of IT services
  • Payment service provider options


Highlights of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Website Designing solutions by addCMS

  • Customer Centric Vision and Implementation: At addCMS, we take pride in being a unique and remarkable professional web site design company. This is because we provide you with the best pharmaceutical and healthcare website designs upon thorough understanding of your requirements, your budget and your target audience. We make sure that our services do not just add value to your business; they multiply it so that you reap huge dividends.
  • Customized solutions: As a professional web site design company, we provide customized solutions to meet your health care and pharmaceutical needs. Our secure, integrated and advanced technology solutions are known to smoothen the information gaps that occur in this highly evolving, constantly growing industry. From website designing to medical writing, pharmaceuticals and clinical research sectors have been greatly appreciated our services.
  • Add-on Features: If you want addCMS to provide you with add on customized features, you can definitely opt to do so. As a web site design company comprising of a pool of creative and skilled professionals, we provide add on features such as patient prescription/ medical history tracking, medical report tracker and lab test trackers and Laboratory Information Management Softwares as well. Trust us to provide you with accurate designs for all your health care website needs.
  • Commendable Services and Experience: Last but not the least, when you want to opt for end-to-end healthcare website designing solutions, keep faith in the designers at addCMS. We guarantee you with commendable services and rich experience.

With our highly commendable services to clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies, we assure you that we would provide the best designs for your pharmaceutical and healthcare website design requirements.