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We at addCMS provide fully customizable online bookstore solutions for book retailers. If you are a book merchandiser, a library maintainer or have a bookstore business that you wish to pursue online, then we would be the best option for you. addCMS would create a unique Online bookstore website for you, so that even those of your customers who pursue an ultra busy lifestyle are able to find access and purchase online reading material from you. addCMS ensures of providing you a website for books that would have all the key features which would help your site get googled in faster.


Why addCMS for Online Bookstore Website Designing:

  • Provision for Uploading Inventory: addCMS designed website for selling books has provisions for letting you, the retailer, upload your store?s specific inventory. This feature would enable your customers to browse and buy any book title online from the database of in-print new books available at your bookstore.
  • Display of Book Data: addCMS knows that once a visitor hits your site, he/she would like to have a quick look at the entire database of books available at your online bookstore website. We would create exclusive website for selling books for you that would display each book with their titles, product details, annotations and jacket images.
  • Sell Used Books: A segregated section on your online bookstore website for used books would definitely place better alternatives for your customers, to purchase books at a price they can afford. If you want we would design websites for book stores that would enable you to sell both new and used books. We would design separate sections where you can display both your new and used books.
  • Downloading Options: addCMS would design your website for buying books in accordance with downloading options, which would allow your visitors to download novels online for a price or download books free.
  • Electronic Books: addCMS would include electronic books online to your Internet bookstore. This way, yous customers would be able to view either a summary of your e-books or even read a few selected ones completely.
  • Book Review Section: We will design a separate book review section on your online bookstore website. That way, your customers would be able to view and upload their reviews on any particular book of their choice.
  • Place to Insert Banner Ads: addCMS designed online bookstore website for you would have provisions so that you can easily insert banner ads or any other promotional text/HTML content into the layout of your online store.
  • Search Options: addCMS designed online bookstore websites have both simple and advanced search capabilities. This would enable your customers to search on an author, title or even keyword basis. Your sites' visitor would also have the option to use an advanced search page so as to search across multiple fields to find the accurate book.
  • Featured Products: We would display your featured book covers or the newly added books to your online bookstore on the Home Page or in a separate section.
  • Order Notifications: Each time a customer places an order, you would be sent an order notification e-mail and the customer on the other hand would receive an order confirmation e-mail. Each of the mails would contain complete information about the placement of the order.
  • Online Payment Gateways: We would integrate your online bookstore website with any one of the popularly used payment gateways, so that your customers can make purchase payments to you online with ease. The gateways would have Credit Card or withdrawal options from account facilities, so that you and your customers have secure online transactions.

With all these features incorporated in your online bookstore website by addCMS, there would never be a doubt about your online business flourishing towards success.