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Educational Website Design


Whether you are dealing with primary, secondary or higher education for schools or are associated with educational universities, addCMS strongly recommends you get a website designed that would help you achieve the respect of the technologically sound students of the present day.


With most educational traditional modes of study being replaced by Online education it is but an imperative for your institute to have a web presence. addCMS would provide you with a variety of Educational website designing services for various educators and institutions of education.


Why addCMS for Educational Website Designing:

  • Focus on teaching: addCMS is a professional web site design company and realizes that your educational website must be constructed in such a way that the main focus remains to be on teaching. We would make sure that our designs are built around high quality Flash and well structured layout that would enrich the learning experience of your sites visitors. Centered on educational quality, we would create a unique look for your site.
  • Keeping Educational Content as the Core: Subjective comments or humorous might add a flair to your educational website design, but addCMS believes that at the end of the day, it is the core subject that is being taught which must be the highlight of your entire website. Therefore, we would buckle down a site that helps the visitant to locate exactly what they are looking for in the content, with ease.
  • Interesting, Clear and Focused: We would compose an educational website design that is interesting, clear and focused thereby making your visitors appreciate the effort you have put in and respond positively.
  • Captivating Animations: Animation will aid in the presentation of a number of ideas for your educational institution. Not only would our innovative animations help attract the attention of your sites visitors but also convey your message more effectively.
  • Appealing Background Colors, Fonts and Page Layouts: Other than using various background colors we would appeal your visitors through readable fonts, a well structured layout and theme that flows throughout your site giving your site a consistent look yet variation to induce a feeling to read what lies further ahead in your site.
  • Easy Navigability: addCMS comprehends the factor that it is essential to keep the navigation simple so that your site visitors can browse through it easily. We ensure that our educational website designs are aesthetically pleasing yet streamlined towards user friendly interface.

addCMS ensures that we are able to fulfill the Wants, Needs and Aspirations or our clientele. This is one of our traits that gives us an edge over other educational website designing organizations and make a stature for ourselves.