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addCMS is always on a look out for fresh and talented people who have the imagination and skills to make it big in the field of Web Designing. We need creators more than just designers. We are currently searching for Web designers who would be able to be able to maintain the visual appearance, layout and usability of our websites.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Liaising closely with customers and clients during the stage of designing.
  • Answering to questions such as: Why is the site required? Who are the targeted audience? Who are the leading competitors?
  • Producing designs that would be attractive for the target user.
  • Creating designs that have a logical navigation system and all the required features.
  • Using a combination of codes for writing Web pages. Knowledge of hypertext mark-up language (HTML), Actionscript, Javascript, Java, ColdFusion, Perl and Flash or using code-generating programs like Dreamweaver are essential.
  • Deciding on the way images and other graphics and content would be optimized digitally for enhancement of the Web presence.
  • Ensuring that the material on the site is accessible to all groups.
  • Testing the Web site for functionality in various browsers; at different resolutions.
  • Fixing all errors.




  • Knowledge of DreamWeaver.
  • Experienced in working on PhotoShop.
  • Good programming abilities of Flash.
  • Cascading Style Sheet: CSS
  • Working knowledge of HTML.
  • Trained in DHTML.
  • Skills in working on JavaScript.


We are currently looking for highly talented and creative web designers who would help us in designing unique sites for our clients.


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