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What is Viral Marketing?


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Define Viral Marketing:


Viral marketing refers to any strategy that encourages others to spread on a marketing message to others across the Internet. Thus, viral marketing creates great potential for exponential growth in optimizing the message's exposure on the Internet. That is why viral marketing campaigns is also known as ‘word of mouth’ technique or ‘network marketing’.Whatever names one label to express the popular use of viral marketing campaigns, it is important to remember how effective it is, like minute ripples spreading farther away from its source. Simply put, to define viral marketing is easy and to implement it is far easier.


Essential Components for ensuring Viral Marketing Success:

  • The Magic Word is ‘Free’:
    It is believed that "Free" is the most powerful word in the dictionary of viral marketing success. That is why; viral marketing companies always advertise free or give away valuable products to attract customer attention. On websites, one comes across offers of free e-mail services, free icons, free information, and free software programs. All of this is part of the carefully planned strategy of viral marketing companies.
  • Human Networking:
    The best viral marketing strategy recognizes the fact that online users are social with an average of 8 to 12 people in their close network. With careful analysis, one can reach out to use proximity with friends, colleagues or family to spread the marketing message effectively. The best viral marketing experts take advantage of human networking to spread their messages with thousands of customers in a given week. People on the Internet are extremely willing to share what they know to develop their existing networks of relationships. Therefore, marketers exploit such networks so that one can rapidly multiply its dispersion.
  • Use others' resources:
    There are a lot of viral marketing ideas floating about but the most creative one is to use others’ resources and spread the word. One can analyze how effective this is with examples. A perfect example of this is affiliate programs, that place text or graphic links on the websites of others. Other examples include giving away of free articles to position the articles prominently on others' webpages. Lots of viral marketing ideas focus on relaying a marketing message using someone else's resources.


Effectual viral marketing strategies:

  • Rebrandable E-book:
    Create a rebrandable type of ebook with links to one’s products detailed inside it. This lets one promote a wide range of products and let others spread it too, This ebook would not only promote one’s products to every person online but also requires no investment or extra work on your part.
  • Funny Videos:
    Create a funny video to promote one’s website. This is now much of a catchy and popular trend used by a number of website owners to spread viral marketing. Funny videos are entertaining so they work exceptionally well.
  • Competition:
    Lastly, starting a competition for website visitors and giving away a free product or offer from one’s website can act as an added advantage. This is a great way to promote one’s viral marketing campaign effectively. While tracking visitors via a tracking link, one can even see the results.


With these easy to do pointers, one can definitely get started to create a frenzy of promotion and viral marketing strategies in a really big way.


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