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Using Website Design to improve your sales


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When you want to boost the sales of your company, getting a website designed would be a great idea. A good user-friendly design not only brings more traffic to the website but also helps to bring in more potential leads.


Whenever you plan to design or redesign the website of your company, it is very important to keep in mind the objectives behind these changes.


Simply, browsing through thousands of websites or recollecting what you saw on other websites with unique designs is not the appropriate way to choose the layout or finalize the design of the website. However, there are a few recommended pointers that you must keep in mind before diving into the pool of web designers to design a website. 


Recommended Pointers for Website Designs and Unique Layouts

  • User Friendly Layout
    A majority of people tend to be focused on just having a fantastic layout. However, this is not a correct way of designing a website. The design of the website has to be such that even a layman or first time user is able to navigate through the site without any help. In other words, the website design in itself has to be self explanatory. For example: important tabs given at the wrong places would give an impression of an ill structured site to the user. If a user has to search for more than thirty seconds for an important tab, he/she would definitely strike away from the site and navigate to an easier one.
  • A balance between graphics and Content
    An appealing graphic is very important for the site, but the balance between graphics and content is more crucial. If the graphics is depicting one thing and content is saying the other, it is surely going to put off the visitor.
  • Well Written Content
    No body likes to read grammatically incorrect and redundant content, that has no value to the user. The content should be accurate, up-to-the-point and well structured. The content should also have a right density of keywords.
  • Text Length
    The text length is a factor of importance because online readers don’t actually read. They merely scan articles. So the ‘scan length’ of an article is relevant to hold attention on a site. For most people, about 9 to 12 words per line would be sufficient. More words would not yield the intended result. It makes it hard for a reader to read more as it strains the eye as well.
    Fast Loading


If a site takes too much time to load or to navigate from one page to other, it is surely going to offend the user. So, you should get your site designed in such a way that the graphics and Flash used on the site are not too heavy, so that the pages load quickly and the interest of the user is maintained in the site. 

These pointers are ready-reckoner's that you can refer to whilst formulating your website design. 


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