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How To Download Our Content Management Software

Once you have found the server of hosting service that would help you support the requirements of our Content Management Software you would have to download either the version.


Setting up your database:


  • Create a database to connect with our Content Management System. In order to do this you would have to log in to your Cpanel.
  • Look for a link that says "manage Databases" or Manage MySQL". This link will take you to an admin page for all your databases.
  • At the bottom of the page, you would see a text box that has a label "Db:". This label would accompany a textbox followed by a button that says "add db". Simply type in the name of the database you would like to create and then hit "add db" tab.
  • After you are through with the confirmation page, you will see your database added to the database list. Here you would be required to create and add a user to your DB. Below the "add db" tab, there would be a list of users and a place where you can add a user with a specific username and password field.
  • Once you are done entering a username and password, click "add user".
  • You would then be taken to another confirmation page. If you click "back" and you will be able to see the new username you added to the list of users.
  • The last step for you would be to click on the drop menus right above the "add db" tab. There would be two menus: one that has users, and the other with databases. Simply, select the user you had created and then the database you wish to add the user to.


However, make sure that the "all" checkbox for privileges should be checked by default. In case you are more advanced and have some special needs or restrictions, you must modify privileges as needed. Just click "Add User" and your database would now be ready for addCMS.


Similarly, you can also create a database for addCMS by using other programs such as MySQL-administrator, if you have access to them.



  • 1. Log in to mysql-administrator.
  • 2. Click on catalogs
  • 3. Right click in the schema area and select Create new schema
  • 4. Give the database a name that makes sense
  • 5. Select User Administration and add a new user (button at the bottom of window)
  • 6. Give them a UserId and Password.


You are all set for the next phase.


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Download procedure for addCMS Content management software
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