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Tips for a good web design layout


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Ensuring success on the Web is totally a different ball game as compared to traditional forms of designs and layouts in the media. In fact, the challenges on the web page design layouts depend to a great extent on the working of the browser. That’s why it takes a great deal to ensure that a website has an impressive website layout and design.


Given below are some effective tips to designing web page design layouts:

  • Ensure Fast Loading
    There is nothing more frustrating for Online visitors than a website with slow loading time. It is so annoying that Online users prefer giving up and moving to another site. So, it is critical to ensure that one’s website layout and design facilitates fast loading. By keeping the web page design layouts simple, the site will definitely be more user-friendly, load more quickly, and ensure that visitors don't go to another site.
  • Say No to Gimmicks
    However tempting it may be to have visual gimmicks comprising java script, scrolling text, and other add-ons, say no. These would slow the site; therefore, it makes more sense to steer clear from any such video, audio, or graphics files that require plug-ins as these forms consume a lot of loading time.
  • Avoid Use of Nestled or Long Vertical Tables
    When laying out a website layout and design, avoid the use of nestled tables as well as long vertical tables. These take a very long time to load. It also makes a page load much slower.
  • Always Insert Distinct Page Titles
    To make the web page figure high in search engine rankings, always insert distinct page titles for each and every page of the website right at the top of the page. When an Online visitor clicks on a button that reads “iPods”, the page to which the visitor gets transported to must also read “iPods” and not “Mobile phones”. 
  • Balance Text and Graphic Equally
    The contrast option pertaining to web design layout should ensure a good balance between graphics and text. The most common mistake is to flood a website with too much or too many graphics. Neither of the two work well on any web design layout. This just creates a lot of clutter and slows down the loading time. The best option is to touch down on a simple layout with compressed graphics. This would strike the right balance between text and graphics.
  • User Friendly Navigation
    A good web design and layout should ideally have clear and simple navigation schemes. This would facilitate smooth movement for Online visitors within the site and across the long scrolled pages. A good navigation system enables a visitor to get information quickly and easily, with zero hassles. In cases where the navigation seems complicated or crowded with the presentation and organization of the content, a visitor will feel lost.
  • Good Interactivity
    Lastly, good interactivity throughout the web design and layout helps to engage the user’s interest in the site and enhances the value of the site. A visitor, who is impressed by the good content, clean presentation, relevant graphics and user-friendly navigation, is bound to return again.


With these tips, it is possible to keep the web design and layout not only simple but effective in bringing more visitors and thereby, more revenue.


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