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10 Tagline Creation Tips


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Admittedly, taglines are still considered to be the shining star that guides and influences the behavior, company allegiance and product preference of your consumers. By far, it has only the companies having some of the best taglines that have made an easy way to communicate effectively with their customers and pave their way to the very top.


But, the question is, how can one create “the tagline ” which would do all this? Here are some tippers that would help you in creating taglines that are impacting.


10 Tagline Creation Tips:

  • Focus on your Target Audience:
    Remember you are creating your business taglines for a targeted market. Therefore, your brand taglines must be able to capture their attention. Make sure that the theme, language and even the style of your advertising taglines are developed to achieve appreciation by these people so that they get converted into your customers.
  • Keep it short:
    You can communicate the world to your customers even in a few words. Try to create taglines that consist of no more than 3 words. Make them concise and short to avoid making your advertising taglines too wordy.
  • Simplicity is the mantra:
    Use commonly used words for tagline creation. The idea is to make your tag line unforgettable not uncomprehensible.
  • Effective Logo and Tagline combo:
    One of the most efficacious ways to make your tagline to work is to combine it with a logo that would work towards enhancing your brand imagery. The words in the best taglines chosen by you can make your logos' graphic look even more stronger, making it memorable whilst reinforcing your product image.
  • Positively Put:
    Your unique taglines would not sell if they give a negative connotation to your readers. So, try creating taglines that keep you and your products in a positive limelight.
  • Original:
    Nothing beats originality. A tagline that is either copied or similarly rhyming to an existing one, would only divert your customers towards those products. Tagline creation must always be authentic and unique taglines would give a better impact than duplicated ones.
  • Lade them with benefits:
    A benefit laden tag line that includes the main benevolence that the readers would get by becoming your customers would definitely act as an appealing factor to the “What's in it for me” mindset of your customers.
  • Memorable:
    Your tagline would not be rewarding unless it sticks in the long term memory of your readers. Think about it, what do you remember first when you think about Nike? “Just Do It”, right. Try and make a similar effect in the mind of your potential customers with your taglines.
  • Include your Brand name/Personality:
    If possible, include your brand name or personality in your advertising taglines. For instance: if you are running a gym then something like “The weight is over” would be a perfect launching tag line for your business. This would make your tag lines more powerful and remind your customers of your products as soon as they recollect or read your tagline.
  • Punchy:
    A tagline that is punchy would evoke product imagery in your readers as soon as they read or hear it. It would then act as a brand establisher for your customers compelling them to buy your products or hire your services the next time.

If properly applied and created a tagline can actually enhance the relevance and value of your brand image and further its reach with a new vigor that allures customers to choose you over and above others. Tag lines can also be used to support all your pivotal objectives and grow brand awareness amongst your customers. So, in order to differentiate your product line and drive more loyal customers for your brand name you create business taglines, brand taglines and advertising taglines that are indeed impressive and eye catchy for the readers.

Yes, not all taglines can shine. As a matter of fact, a number of are awkward, vague, often pretentious, ambiguous and even complicated. Some tag lines are guilty of communicating unintended messages, and tend to use meaningless trendy business jargons often devaluing the brand they are supposed to support and strengthen. But you need not to worry. You now know the 10 golden tips to create unique taglines that would make waves amongst your customers!


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