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Symbian enjoys the reputation of being the leading mobile operating system in the global smart mobile device market and thus is the premier operating system used by the addCMS for mobile application development for its clients. We specialize in delivering Symbian OS based software solutions for Series 60, Series 80, Series 90, and UIQ along with developing mobile information management systems, camera applications, rich content, entertainment solutions (audio, video, and imaging), mobile office managers, wireless instant messaging tools and mobile games.


Why Symbian for addCMS?

addCMS understands the importance of using the best in technology for mobile application development and hence uses Symbian for developing top quality mobile applications ranging from games to encryption/security software. Symbian is a robust mobile operating system and follows the following design rules:

  • Data integrity and security is paramount
  • User time must be optimally utilized and must not be wasted
  • All resources are limited
  • A request-and-callback approach to services
  • Separation between UI and Engine (the business logic of a Symbian application).

By using Symbian addCMS helps clients:

  • Develop applications that are compatible with a majority of mobile devices put forward by OEM like Nokia.
  • Enhance application robustness, availability, and responsiveness by taking advantage of the Symbian microkernel architecture that contains a scheduler, memory management, and device drivers along with other services like networking, telephony, or file system support.
  • Take advantage of an example user-interface layer called "TechView" that provides a basis to initiate customization and is also an environment in which most Symbian OS test code and example code executes.
  • Conserve system resources such as disk space by using Symbian-specific programming idioms like descriptors and cleanup stack and active objects that helps optimize CPU utilization by switiching it off when applications are not directly dealing with an event.
  • Enhance fast real time application response by using the Symbian OS kernel that allows clients to build a single-core phone around it thereby making Symbian phones become smaller, cheaper and more power efficient.
  • Design applications specifically for the low-power battery-based devices and for ROM-based systems.
  • Implement communication solutions using the methods that best suit the application with the help of Symbian development tools based on device-to-server and device-to-device communications and using all communication methods.
  • Enhance phone functionality based on Symbian Application Development that allows access to all phone-related functions such as calendar and phone book access, call control, data transfer using GPRS or CSD connection and sending and receiving MMS and SMS messages. 
  • Enrich Multimedia Functionality by taking advantage of the Symbian OS that supports a majority of multimedia standards and offers improved multimedia sound support. 
  • Deliver Enhanced Graphics by equipping the clients with a complete control over mobile phone screens. This includes the possibility of directly accessing a screen buffer to provide the best graphics. 

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