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addCMS feels that the simplest way for you to showcase your products or business online is through a static website. Static website designing is one of the areas that we have pioneered. We feel that for us static website designing is the easiest type of website to design and set up. With our extensive web programming knowledge, designing a static website that contains features, such as smooth navigation, browser compatibility and easy to download graphics.


Advantages of addCMS Static Website Designing services:

  • Well Structured Layout: After having gained expertise in the the art of static website designing, we assure you of delivering a well designed site quicker than any body else.
  • Cache Friendly Static Website Design: We would design a static website that would be cache friendly, so that you are able to show one copy to a number of people at a time.
  • Unique Conceptualization: Our unique designing concept makes each one of addCMS' designed static website a complete solution for you; so that you can display all your highlighted products and services to your customers.
  • Easily Accessible Information: addCMS web designing team ensures that all those who browse through your static website have easy access to information.
  • Search Engine Friendly Design: addCMS' static website designing techniques would help your website get indexed quickly in popular search engines.
  • Easy Navigability: Static website designing services offered by addCMS web designing team ensures that the websites so created are user friendly and easily navigable.
  • CMS Integration: addCMS, Content Management Software is the perfect match for any static website design. If you wish we would integrate your static website with our CMS so that you are able to edit, upload or delete content and graphics on your static website as and when you please.
  • Analytic Engine Integration: addCMS would integrate your static website with Analytic Engines such as Google analytics and Stat Counter so that you are able to view and keep track of your traffic rate.
  • Well Placed Hyperlinks and Click-Ons: We would link your entire Static Website Design using Hyperlinks and user clicks-on that would assist your visitors to surf through the inner pages of your website.
  • Designed to Load in Less Time: Each of the Static websites designed by addCMS are essentially built on CSS that take less time to load, so that your web pages appear instantaneously.


We assure you that addCMS static website designing would help you appeal more clientele towards your business and establish yourself further.

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