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Social Networking Sites: A New Way to Attract and Retain Traffic


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Social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Skype are the newest wave in the global trends. Not only are such sites used for connecting with friends and colleagues across International waters but are also used for online products and services marketing. All one has to do is to set up a profile, make "friends", and keep contact with those "friends" while discreetly marketing their site!


Why Social Networking Works

Social Networking Sites act as free advertising portals for many business men. There are millions of users on these sites that may act like a pool of potential clients. However, before one actually develops such marketing strategies through introducing a Social Networking Site to their web portal or site, it is essential to understand the crux behind them.


  • Visitor Loyalty
    Visitors determine the usability of a website. The number of return visits impacts ones' potential to sell any product or service. Visitor loyalty decides whether or not one is going to make it work online. Be it through contextual advertising, or affiliate marketing, the avenues for money depend on visitors.

    That is why, building a social networking web site within the existing corporate site has emerged as a potential avenue to increase visitors to websites. They boost web traffic and thereby increase the number of potential leads for businesses.
  • Get Connected Without Motives
    In a world full of motives, where every relationship has its underlying reason; being connected to others without any motive through social networking sites makes visitors feel complete and happy. This resolves two things – One: People can Connect, Two: Advertisement is done without much effort.
  • Expand Connections
    Once the basic human need to connect with others takes place, the next step that follows is to expand connections. Expanding connections by getting introduced to friends of friends and moving on in the cycle would help the mother site to attract more visitors to its site. This is the first step that one can take towards building a network of people who might eventually end up becoming clients and loyal visitors to the site.
  • Information Gaps Get Filled
    With the growing popularity of social networking websites as a means of accelerating web traffic, incorporating such a site into an existing web portal makes the flow of traffic on the site a natural course. Social networking truly helps to fill in gaps of information between the traffic and website just like jigsaw pieces are fixed together get the complete picture.

How to make Social Networking sites popular


Rope In The Professionals

One of the best ways to attract members for online communities is to rope in the professionals. Without quality, strategy and thorough professional planning, nothing actually works. The role of professionals is critical as they guarantee high quality, up-to-date content and proven track record.


Convey the websites' purpose effectively

Nowadays, a number of social networks look alike. They use similar scripts making each visitor feel the monotonousness and thus become bored of it sooner. So, to make sure visitors stay hooked to the site, it is essential for the social networking site to look different and be different. To make this happen, it is also vital that the websites' purpose be conveyed through effective content and design.


Open Up, Don’t Hide

The more a social networking site is open, the more visitors will flock to view online profiles, log in and send invites to these profiles. This would help a Social Networking Site flood with a number of prospective clientele and thus making the mother site as popular as itself.

Social Networking Website Designing

With the fast emergence of social networking sites such as Orkut, Skype and Facebook, the need for mapping individuals to other individuals specifically has increased tremendously. No wonder, addCMS has taken this opportunity to help more and more companies create Social Networking Website Design that resemble the most renowned social networking websites such as YouTube and Myspace to help them bring their business customers together, online.

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