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5 Rules for Social Media Optimization


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SMO an abbreviation used for Social Media Optimization is a buzzword that has proven its explicit worth to the corporate world off late. Working on the “clique-through” notion, it is a web optimization approach that helps people spread their message to the specified segments. Yet, the trick behind optimization through social media can only be cracked by those who follow the essential rules of SMO!


The five golden rules behind Social Media Optimization:

  • Begin by increasing your linkability:
    Increasing your linkability should without fail be the most important and first priority for your website's social media optimization techniques. Don't ever make the mistake of leaving your static website rarely updated. It would make it a useless storefront without any increase in traffic or serving its' desired sales purpose. Add Blogs, whitepapers, thought pieces or even aggregate existing content to increase the linkability of your content.
  • Couple it with easy bookmarking and tagging:
    One way to enhance tagging of your pages through SMO, is to provide readers with content features such as quick buttons that enable them to add your web pages to sites like del.icio.us. Better off, add a list of relevant tags or even suggested notes for the given links. This would make tagging of your pages easier. Make sure to tag your pages on social bookmarking sites popularly used as well.
  • Reward ping-back links:
    The barometer of your blogs success is the number of ping-back or inbound links that they receive. Inbound links would paramount to an indefinite rise in the overall raking and search result of your web pages. However, in order to encourage such ping-backs you would need to provide clear rewards. For such web optimization, you can list the recently linked blogs on your website, so that it acts as a visibility reward for those who have linked to your content.
  • Become a resource for the user:
    Becoming a user resource regardless of it being of no help to you would ensure that you add social media value to the users. Try including the outbound links that would navigate the users to their exactly required content. Even if you have to link to your competitors you still stand to gain as the first source of information. If deployed correctly, folks would feel obliged to link to your site and tag it as helpful or even the ultimate guide available in that space. This would add up to your increased visibility in relevant search engine results.
  • Encourage Mashup:
    Todays WWW based world relies more on co-creation than on originality. Those who are open towards letting others use their content get paid in terms of a fueled growth. Syndicate your content through RSS. Such mashup would drive traffic and further augment your content.

Remember, once you implement all these simple concepts that lay behind Social Media Optimization, you can ensure that your site would more regularly linked to, get a better visibility through social media searches over search engines and get included more frequently on relevant blogs, vblogs and podcasts.


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