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SEO To Improve Your Web Presence


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Internet technology has played a great part in shaping successful businesses and global brands. You do not have be an SEO expert to understand how to get the best opportunities to expand your web presence through search engine optimization.


To start with, it is pertinent to understand what SEO or search engine optimization means and how it helps you to position your web presence in a much better way.



There are millions of people who use search engines every day to check for information on any given topic. This means that Internet users across the world make use of search engines to get better and valuable information about a product or a topic.


Most of us know that the major search engines we, as users, tend to flock to include Google, Yahoo and MSN. Of these, Google has emerged as the largest ever since it cornered the search engine optimization industry way back in 1998. It’s not magic that triggered the emergence of Google as the leader in search engine optimization but its competence to provide users with nearly 100 per cent accurate results to diverse queries and inputs of Internet browsers.


But how do search engines work is a query you may have so let’s try to discuss that next.


Most search engines tend to spider as much of web content as possible by sending out what is known as ‘bots.’ These are known to index web sites and follow each web link on the said site, whereby it would come across more meaningful content and get started with the process of indexing it. As you can guess, the work is so vast and complicated that it cannot be done manually even though bots work intelligently.


So now you have come to the scope of this article, namely improve your web presence through SEO strategies that are simple, uncomplicated and effective.


Here are some SEO steps to improve your web presence:

  • Insert keywords within title tag. This would enable the search engine robots to know what your website is about. The moment you start inserting a keyword or key phrase, you can be sure that it will improve your web presence and propel targeted traffic to visit your site.
  • It is important to ensure your title tag has text which a user can relate with because it is this text that shows up during a search result so it is best to treat it like a headline.
  • Take care not to use the same title tag across each of the pages on your website. The search engine robots may conclude that all of these pages are the same so it is best to have different title tags across pages.
  • Heading optimization is another easy option to improve your web presence. All you need to do is write a good draft of content, using a rich spread of keyword rich heading tags through the page, and get noticed by search engines at once.
  • Another option is to request other sites to provide links to you so that search engines will easily find your site and these links tend to be counted like votes.
  • To improve your web presence, these search engine optimization tips would propel you to immediate success with your website.


In simple parlance, it is best to sum up search engine optimization or seo as a process of making Internet websites much more user friendly, effective as well as conducive to the process of indexing so as to optimize the manner in which search engines find and rank your website with more efficiency and accuracy. In short, SEO helps to improve your web presence.


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