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Advantages of advertising through Print Media


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All print media advertising, whether a print media ad in the newspaper or a flyer to be distributed, has always proven its worth in reaching out to the masses with ease. As a matter of fact, print media services are probably the most effective medium for corporate owners to advertise and establish their businesses.


Peek into Advertising History
A look into the early origin of advertising reveals that it gained its importance first in print media. This means that newspapers and magazines were the main print media services. This changed a little and followed to the TV and radio broadcast scene. Yet the importance of print media ad continued without any negative effect.


Growth of Internet
As the new millenium began, the world witnessed the growth of the Internet that redefined all boundaries of print media services. It spearheaded revolutionary changes in the history of advertising. These changes were due to advances in technology. The dramatic growth of online communication paved way for the growth of the online advertising industry.


Print media vs Online media
Yet, the fundamental truth is that all print media advertising whether in form of a print media ad, a flyer or even a brief is always more enjoyed by the layman and one is happier to go through the ads in their local newspaper, a favorite magazine or journal rather than over the Internet.


The online sphere is not as preferred or trusted as the print media services. That is why it is stated often that consistent advertising in print media services is bound to reap a cumulative effect. The war between the titans is far from over.


All Print Media is effective. However, newspaper print media ad and flyer routine is considered to be the most effective way to advertise.


Newspaper Print Media:

  • Advertising in Newspapers
    Paid-circulation newspapers were the backbone for print media advertising. This made it possible for local businesses to advertise their goods and services. The big names too utilized the newspaper space to show what their best offerings were. The layperson found adequate time and space to go through these ads with zeal.
  • Pros and Cons: The favorable side is that newspaper ads cost less. But sadly, the number of paid-circulation daily newspapers in the U.S. cross over 1,600!

Magazine print media ad:

  • Advertising in Magazines
    With more than 160,000 magazines published around the world, the ads are just as staggering. Still, most people have great respect for this form of advertising. For the advertiser, there are lots of advantages. The main advantage is that a specific audience can be reached effectively though magazines have lesser coverage than newspapers.

Advantages of all Print Media:

  • Reach Out to Target Audience: In all print media, the main advantage is the ability to reach a specific target audience. For the advertiser, this opens up so many new opportunities. It boosts sales and revenue figures.
  • Loyal Readership Base: There are no loyal readers in the online atmosphere. In fact, online visitors struggle to remember the names of the sites they visit. In the print media industry, the solid base of loyal readers makes it increasingly effective for advertisers.
  • Longer Shelf Life: Websites change their content almost every day. An article that you read today or an ad you see today cannot be seen again the following day. Print media services, have a longer shelf life and enables readers to collect their favorite articles or magazines.
  • Creative Potential:The creative potential in print media ad is greater than in the online atmosphere. The strength to concieve innovative and eye-catching ads is limitless. Specific online advertisment makes it difficult to do that as design limitations are there. Too many limitations relating to colour, style, graphics,and format hinder the process.

Using ads throughall print media advertising is best suited for companies to develop effective ad campaigns and influence their target market.


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