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Points to keep in mind while designing Flash Banners


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Flash banner ads are for sure the most popular form of advertising online. This is because, flash banners give one an opportunity to advertise their products and offers on other websites. Such a flash banner ad allows a wider range of visitors to have an access to the services provided by various flash banner advertisers.

Why is there a poor conversion ratio through Flash banners?

The only problem is that most individuals choose not to use flash banner ads for their advertising campaigns as they believe that there is a poor conversion ratio. However, the problem is not in the conversion rate but their flash banner design.


What they fail to understand is that, in order to achieve a higher click-through rate and enhance the number of views received by their flash banner ad they must create flash banner advertisements that are effective enough to convert the hits for the flash banner into prospective clients. If you manage to make flash banner ads that are effectual, then there is no stopping you from making your most disappointing statistics into an appreciated traffic rate.

5 points to keep in mind while designing Flash Banners

  • Use attention grabbing techniques:
    If you want to tantalize the senses of your visitors so that they are compelled to visit your website and eventually buy your products and services then make sure to utilize attention-grabbing techniques in your flash banner design. Ensure that your flash banners are persuasive enough to make your visitors actually click on it.

    Including sound, flashing lights and/or animated graphics in flash banner ads to make them more interesting. This will make your flash banner ad easily noticeable, and even convince people to notice your products and services.
  • Every second is important:
    You must realize that you have only a fraction of seconds to please and attract your online visitors' attention with your flash banner design. It has been statistically revealed that most individuals view a flash banner for a maximum of five seconds before they exit and move on to another web page.

    What does that mean? Well, this means that you have only about 5 seconds approximately to ensure that your flash banners grab the attention of your online visitor. For this, you must create flash banner ads that catch the eye and impel them to view your advertisement and even explore your website for more. See that every second of your flash banner ad is entertaining and informative enough to make them view it longer.
  • Choose Effective Wording:
    Take time to choose the proper wording for your flash banners. Try to discover popular keywords that people tend to enter in search engines. This would give you a fair idea about the keywords that you can include as hidden or visible text in your flash banner ad so that the most targeted traffic can reach your website.

    Including these related keywords will also convince a higher percentage of visitors to actually click on your flash banner design. You must create flash banner advertisements that are enticing and will make people want to learn more about you and the goods/services you provide.

Well, obviously it would not do you any good to have visitors look at your flash banner, but never visit your website to purchase your goods or services. So, remember all these pointers the next time you make flash banner ads. I am sure they would help your flash banner ads receive a higher number of views, and of course an increased percentage of actual profitable online traffic.

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