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How is PHP used in Web Development


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Are you looking for ways to create a high-quality yet low cost web based application? Well, then PHP would be the answer to all your prayers. By investing in PHP web development not only can you develop dynamic websites within your budget but also create real time web applications that have a great UI.


Originally designed by Rasmus Lerdorf, Personal Home Pages or PHP is a parsing language that runs on Linux and Unix servers, making it a popular choice for web developers. PHP is in fact, one of the most popularly used languages for web development as well as web application development. Here's why:

Why choose PHP for Web Development?

  • Perfect Database Interaction:
    PHPis an excellent language choice when it comes to building Dynamic Websites that interact with Databases, as it can exchange all sorts of information with ease.
  • Cost:
    Another reason why PHP website development and web development is admired by developers is that PHP programs run on Linux, which is free. Also, the database connectivity is less expensive as compared to that of other programs such as ASP which is based on MS_SQL, a Microsoft product that needs to be purchased. However, web development with PHP through MySQL is free to use.
  • Incredible Speed:
    PHP has an upper hand when it comes to speed. This is mainly because, the PHP code runs faster as it runs in its own memory space.

How is PHP used in Web Development?

So, how can be PHP web development or PHP website development be used by you towards an advantageous outcome? Here's the answer:


  • For starters, the server side scripting programming language of PHP can be used for creating dynamic pages with dynamic content, that are full of flash and animation, enabling you to develop customized web pages that can attract more visitors.
  • Secondly, apart from server side scripting, PHP web development tools can also be used from stand alone client side or command line scripting GUI applications.
  • As PHP website development software is freely available, thus it can easily be embedded into HTML.
  • PHP takes just the code as an input an in return provides you with appropriate web pages as an output.
  • The PHP MYSQL programming enables PHP web developers and programmers to perform script installation, script repair as well as manage every front and back end activity, hassle free.
  • PHP website development programming can be used to make a slew of off-the-shelf applications through software packages like SugarCRM, Typo3, Joomla, osCommerce, C, Simple Machine Forum, phpBB, Eventum, phpAdsNew, vBulletin etc.
  • PHP can be used extensively for developing social media communities, email management, content management software, user polls, chat and forums and online and ecommerce stores.

Based on C++, PHP is considered to be the best programming language for both website development and web development. Both programmers and designers love this language alike, due to the manifolds of advantages it provides. The comfort of working on the PHP web application development syntax makes the job of developers a cake walk!! No wonder PHP is considered to be an all round better choice for web development than other programming languages.


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