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Paarijat (Dynamic Website in Flash using PHP and MySql)

The House Of Indus, wished to unveil a site that would not only symbolize the exceptional jewels that they intended to sell, but also depicted the labor and various techniques perfected over the centuries used to craft these jewels.


The challenge was to make a dynamic website in Flash using PHP and MySql.


The Result:


PAARIJAT ( http://indus-valley.in/home.php ). A site that truly represented the look and feel required by the clients.


The dynamically coded, enamoring site of Paarijat has been efficiently developed in Flash, making it a powerful yet pleasing site for the visitors. Using the database of MySQL, the server sided scripting language behind Paarijat is PHP. This in turn, makes the site astoundingly appealing and easily navigable. The best feature of this site is that the images appear on the site on the run time, making the icons appear as and when the user moves the cursor along the navigating bars.


Key Features:


  • Online Shopping Gateway
  • Integrated into Flash
  • Dynamic Gallery ( http://indus-valley.in/gallery_home.htm )
  • Picks up images from the database automatically




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