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 PHP is a powerful, robust, open-source scripting language used for developing the server-side applications as well as dynamic web pages. PHP has many advantages over other scripting languages. PHP provides a good system security and it is highly interactive.


At addCMS, we have a strong and powerful PHP development team who has vast experience in developing all kinds of applications and Websites in PHP. We can also create all kinds of customized Web applications as well as maintain the existing web applications.


We provide a comprehensive suite of custom development in PHP that equips you with superlative images, text as well as form fields on your website. In addition, we ensure that the images and text placed on your website with PHP programming are flexible that means you can easily move and change them. This ensures that your PHP web programming stays dynamic and highly ranked with most of the top search engines.

At addCMS, we work in two modes:

  • You can either outsource your project to us and will execute the project in our office and it will be managed by our project managers. For more details, click 
  • You can also hire our dedicated PHP developers who will work dedicatedly as a part of your team. For more details, click

At addCMS, we have developed a wide range of web applications for a diverse variety of business segments and industries:

  • Trading and Stock systems
  • Portal websites
  • Video portals
  • Search engine websites
  • Typical web site creation and e-commerce oriented web-based systems
  • Auctions web portals
  • Fraud prevention components
  • Social Bookmarking and Blogging systems
  • Ad word-based, banner exchange systems

Available Skill sets:

  • AJAX
  • Atlas
  • SOAP
  • SSL
  • OLE, ActiveX
  • VML

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