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Online Reputation Management


Have you Googled yourself recently? Well, then, addCMS would be the best partner for you, making the daunting task of making your Online Reputation one step better than your competition a child's play! From posting on  Blogs, forums, wikis to social networking and social bookmarking sites, we would take care of all the Online Reputation Management for you.


addCMS would be your ladder to gain popularity-every day as well as monitor your company’s online reputation, so that you have an edge over your counterparts. For addCMS, your Online Reputation Management (ORM) would be the paramount. Our ORM techniques would offset a chain reaction, spreading its tentacles to your potential customers, so that you get the maximum amount of business.


You Need addCMS' Online Reputation Management IF:

  • You have a website that is registered with search engines like Google.
  • You have a business in any field and of any size big or small.
  • You wish to reach out to more prospective clientele.
  • You wish your product and services be identified by your consumer circle.
  • You want a seperate identity for your organization, that would differentiate your firm from that of your competition.
  • You wish to gain more publicity.
  • You want your website to achieve a better traffic rate and thus better leads.


addCMS would be your online reputation manager and take charge of your entire Internet Reputation Management, making a ripple amongst consumers and giving an identity to your website or corporate.


What addCMS would do for you:

  • Search Engine Reputation Management:
    addCMS would post content on various social networking/bookmarking/forum sites, that would advertise the basic/brilliant features of your organization, so that more and more traffic hits your website on a daily basis. A hike in the traffic rate would help you get to the top few search results on various search engines.
  • Reputation Monitoring:
    We would closely monitor your online reputation to make sure that you achieve positive branding on the Internet. We would also keep track of the blogs, posts and messages so as to enhance the public relations of your organization; making the reputation of your company a better success. This will also help you understand the nature of your customers and make an improved marketing strategy.
  • Brand Building:
    Our experience in the Online Reputation Management has helped us understand that brand building is the most precious outcome of Internet reputation management. That is why, we at addCMS make sure to devise strategies to match your companies needs to enhance your Online reputation, through posting interactive messages on social bookmarking sites such as:


    • digg.com
    • Technorati.com
    • del.icio.us.com
    • Propeller.com
    • StumbleUpon.com
    • BlinkList.com
    • MyFavs.eu
    • 2is.net.com
    • reddit.com
    • Fark.com


Other than posting messages, addCMS would also increase your brand popularity through blogging and press releases. Publishing blogs and press releases would automatically improve your Search Engine Optimization. We would publish blogs and press releases on sites such as:


  • MyBlogLog.com
  • Blogger.com
  • EduBlogs.com
  • MyOpera.com
  • Bloglines.com
  • 1888PressRelease.com
  • newsvine.com


  • Post Keyword Rich Content for easy searchability:
    One of the basic rules that we follow for managing the Online Reputation of our clients is to publish content that is keyword rich and contains key-phrases that would direct the traffic instantly to your site on particular searches. We ensure you not to leave any stone unturned, so that you get the maximum benefit from the traffic turn around on your site.


addCMS is really committed about providing their clients with the best Online Reputation Management that earns those who hire us honest results and elevated feedbacks. We ensure our clients of earnest efforts that would definitely help them gain an edge over their competitors and add to their success.



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