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How safe is paying through online payment gateway


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Many questions arise regarding the safety of online payment gateways. This is because there is very little awareness of how a reputed online payment gateway is far more effective than other modes of payment.


But first, let’s have a brief understanding of how an online payment gateway actually works.


How Online Payment Works

In reality, a net payment gateway works like a relay that takes place between an e-commerce merchant account affiliated website and the merchant bank, which is also connected to a large network of credit card issuing banks. Besides communication, one of the other main functions of an online credit card gateway is encryption.


The payment gateway typically uses SSL 128-bit encoding technology. This is done to encrypt and decrypt all the data that is being sent through it. Safety and security in online credit card gateway is critical. Without this encryption, all the data of the credit card holders’ can be stolen and used illegally.


Reasons why online payment gateways are safer and more reliable to use while shopping online:


  • Convenience 24X7
    One of the major advantages of a net payment gateway is the convenience it lets buyers make their payments online at any time. All the customers need to have is a user name and a password through a secure server. Their account information comprising previous bills and purchase record can be viewed online. The customer can also use the credit or debit card to pay the current balance or any outstanding sums. On payment, the confirmation of successful payment is emailed to the customer. This is so easy and convenient than the actual process of going physically to make payments.
  • Less Paperwork
    Another obvious advantage for online shoppers is the lack of paper work unless they choose to take printouts of their purchase invoices. With purchase records that may be reviewed online, it works as a more efficient way to settle payment of bills.
  • Auto Reminders
    An automatic reminder is generated at least 2 days before the date of payment is due. This automatic reminder emails a notice of payment relating to the online payment accounts. This naturally prompts the customer to go online and pay the bill on time. In case the payment has not been carried out even after the due date, a notice as per the online payment policy is mailed so that the customer may make immediate payment.
  • Invoice recovery
    This option lets the customer retrieve a bill that is lost. The business owner would not have to waste any time or energy in issuing a duplicate invoice. This online facility works as a blessing in disguise for most online shoppers.
  • Reports
    Automatic reports are generated to check the payment status as well as the history of other purchases. This makes online payment accounts easier to manage.
  • Guaranteeing Security using Digital signature
    Most e-commerce websites guarantee security of online payment accounts using a digital signature system that is literally hacker proof. Even if the id gets hacked, it is not possible to impact the customer’s security. This is why several online payment gateways offer digital signature as a means of security or protection to online shoppers. Such intense protection or security is hardly ever provided to a shopper who is offline.
  • Dynamic IP protection
    Dynamic IP protection ensures complete security. This is because the system checks and verifies the same IP that is used in the previous successful session for any other online transaction.


Lastly, it is always a good idea to check the online merchant’s data security practices that are typically covered in the website’s Privacy Policy, or Security Policy. It is also best to opt for online merchants who are members of a seal-of-approval program that establishes guidelines for privacy-related practices.


With so many protective measures to ensure safety of net payment gateway, the shopping experience is free from all hassles, more convenient and comfy than any other modes of shopping.


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