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New Born Baby Website Designing


Are you an expecting mum or dad? addCMS will help you share the joy of your angel with the entire world. We would design a perfect website for your new born, that would help you express your ecstasy and love for your bundle of joy.

addCMS expertises in designing websites for babies and toddlers that comprise of a number of features that would make the arrival of your baby a news


Why addCMS for New Born Baby Web Site Design:

  • Imaginative/High Quality Themes & Designs: addCMS proudly offers unique yet best baby websites that have been created with exceptional imagination, quality and creativity. Our designs would enhance every experience that you go through by designing a layout that would assist you fitting all that you wish to display about your baby in an adorable design. addCMS would partner you to showcase each one of your tots wonderful movements in an excellent website theme.
  • Photos: We at addCMS understand that websites for new born are incomplete without a photo gallery. That is why, we would make sure to integrate each of our  websites for babies with provisions for uploading baby pics. addCMS also offers built in slide shows especially for baby website. This would make your personal tot site a dedicated website for baby pictures of your angel. This way, all your friends and family would be able to sit back and enjoy viewing all the adorable photos of your new born.
  • Videos & Audios: How did it feel to hear the heart beat of your unborn for the first time or see him take his/her first independent steps?? addCMS understands that one of the best ways to show the world how cute your baby is to let them see and hear it for themselves. addCMS would create a website for newborn that would enable you to freely upload video clips of your home shot movies of your kiddo, for everyone to enjoy. This would allow you to share every moment from the very first ultrasound, to the first steps he/she made and let relish the precious moments. With an extra arrangement for uploading sound clips you would have the freedom to add your favorite songs so that your friends and family can listen to music as well as enjoy your website.
  • Share your Stories/Journal: Each of baby websites have integrated journals wherein the delighted parents can easily share their fun stories and facts about their pleasure of parenthood. addCMS would make your new baby website even more interesting by letting you add stories about your baby as often as you wish so that your near and dear ones can live the experience too! You can even use these pages to record achievements, milestones, or even those moments you would want to remember. Your own stories, captions and comments would give your website a personalized touch.
  • Floaties: addCMS would introduce cute Floaties that would float gently all around each of your baby websites web pages. These little images would help make your website livelier.
  • Photo Slideshow on the Homepage:addCMS would let you showcase any number of pictures for your babies in form of a slideshow on the homepage. We would help you showcase your favorite photos of your baby on the homepage of your newborns website.
  • Online Baby Polls:addCMS would let your visitors interact in a fun and exciting manner by voting in on baby polls held exclusively for your newborn. We would display questions and their possible answers and help you enjoy revealing how well your family and friends know you and your toddler!
  • Guestbook Entries: A guestbook that would allow your friends and family to leave their comments or congratulatory notes for you and your baby, is addCMS' idea of a complete website for new born. This would also give access to the visitors of your site to write their personal comments on your baby website.
  • Growth Chart: We would help you keep track of how your little one grows and build a wonderful keepsake!Display it to your loved ones and let them also know how fast your young one is growing. addCMS would assist you in recording all the fun moments from the first time your child rolled over, to the first word he/she spoke and spread smiles amongst your friends and family.
  • Public and Private pages: addCMS comprehends that your privacy is of utmost importance. That is why, we would make sure that each one of your newborn baby websites pages are secure. addCMS would equip you to make pages of your choice private, so that not everyone who visits your website can view the private portions of your baby website.

addCMS wishes to challenge the limits when it comes to designing websites for babies. We believe, with the features and designs that we provide, every one of the treasured moments that you wish to share would blossom to perfection, once it reaches our expert hands.

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