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Multimedia Presentation: A must have in this animated world


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It may seem unbelievable that just 15 years ago, the term ‘multi-media’ was used to describe the use of a variety of media using a single application. It meant that if your presentation was done using a film projector, or an audio tape with music on it, it was termed as a multimedia presentation. But now multimedia has taken a new turn. In fact, multi media presentations have become a necessity in the IT sector.


Multimedia: A New Revolution

With a change in the present day scenario, the multi media presentation technology has changed even faster. The word ‘multimedia’ is a vastly growing organism as its initial meaning has changed rapidly. Multimedia is now synonymous with combinations of graphic, text, art, sound, animation and so on. The idea is that multi media presentations are delivered using a computer platform. A Multimedia presentation can be delivered using any other electronic device as well.


With mankind turning more ambitious in the need to express new ideas, multimedia has brought forth a new revolution altogether. The multimedia presentation and animation revolution has transformed the way we communicate and share information. The global wave has made multimedia and animation as an integral part of understanding information. In some countries like Australia, multimedia is considered so important that it is part of the primary school curriculum.


How Multimedia Works:

The growth of Multi media presentations in the IT segment has not happened overnight. Various factors made its growth possible. The increase in computer speed, improved bandwidth and storage space also boosted its growth.


The low cost of computers and easy connectivity to the Internet made multi media presentation technology come into everyone's easy reach.


Uses of Multimedia

The use of multimedia in IT has percolated through most aspects of life for a variety of reasons. Here are some simple examples of the uses of multi media presentations in our life:

  • Home study
  • Product promotional materials
  • Promotional information
  • Entertainment
  • Training as well as Instruction
  • Exhibitions
  • Public relations
  • News
  • Advertising
  • Simulations to portray or simplify complex things
  • Reference and cataloguing systems as you would find in a library
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Sending Resumes to potential employers

As you can see, there is a great deal of use for multimedia in the IT sector. That is because the need to communicate an idea or provide information opens up amazing opportunities. Multimedia presentation have the potential to deliver the goods and rake in the dough.


Advantages of Multimedia Presentations:

  • Professional way of sharing communication with others
  • Fortifies corporate identity
  • Creates instant impression of structure and discipline
  • Faster and easier way to access information
  • Totally user friendly
  • Convenient to carry to any place
  • Cost effective

Multimedia Animation in IT segment

In the last few decades, multimedia animation has proved to be a booming industry. In fact, multi media presentations are a highly lucrative industry that supports every form of animation. There is computer animation that has become so popular in IT field.

The highly competitive arena of IT witnessed the strong growth of multimedia animation surrounding it. The gist of the growth was that if you have big ideas, animation is the best way to convey information in an interesting, story like style.


Advantages of Multimedia Animation

  • Low cost option.
  • Unique way to get your communication noticed and appreciated.
  • Require either solo effort or team effort.

With new forms of animation coming up, it is a sure indication that multimedia presentations and animations are here to stay.


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