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Mobile Discount Coupon Distribution Application Development


The client runs a chain of retail stores. They have a flourishing business and a big database of customers. Every now and then, they come up with new offers to improve their sales. However, the one major issue that they were facing was that even after advertising their discount offers through various modes, they were unable to get the appropriate response from their targeted customers. They were looking for a company that could help them advertise their products so that they are able to reach the maximum number of customers.


This was when they came across addCMS. The addCMS team advised them to experiment with a new way to advertise their discounts and products, through mobile discount coupon distribution application. This application allowed subscribers to be informed about the newly introduced discount offers through their mobile devices.


The Challenge:

addCMS team decided to create an application that would push coupons to the subscribers' mobile phone, through a server. The server was to be created in such a way that it would deploy messages to only those users who subscribe to receive alerts from the clients outlets. The challenge in developing this application was to create an extremely user friendly interface, as not all customers are tech-savvy.



addCMS analyzed that apart from displaying the discount offers the application must also enable the users to avail the discounted offers introduced at the various outlets of our client. addCMS development team also decided that the application must enable the subscriber to consume these coupons for a discount at the outlet of our client.


The Solution:

Putting in a number of man hours and efforts we devised an application that allowed the subscribed users of our clients to receive SMS notifications of all the newly introduced discounts. The application also allowed the subscribers to view the details of each offer through their mobile devices. We made sure that it had provisions that equipped the subscribed users to consume the coupons being sent to them through the server as and when they pleased or until the offer ended.


The Outcome:

A highly sophisticated Mobile Discount Coupon Distribution Application that catered to all the requirements of our client to attract more customers to their outlets. The application so devised by addCMS could also be customized in accordance to the requirements of the client, thereby allowing it to be more flexible and useful for the end-user. The new application definitely hiked up their customer response. Making this one time investment, the company saved on their future marketing campaigns.