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The content management software from addCMS offers automated templates. This feature would enable you to create standard output templates in XML and HTML format. These templates can then be applied automatically to your existing content or can also be added to change the look on your site.


After you have separated the content from the visual presentation on your web site, the content management system database of addCMS would assist you in editing and manipulating your content. Our innovative CMS module includes WYSIWYG editing tools that would allow even your non-technical staff members to edit and create the content.


addCMS's Content Management Software features include:


  • Awesome plug-ins and modules that can be installed easily to extend the functionality of your web site.
  • Our active content management system services would deliver you with regular updates that would include new sets of features so that you can keep your current system up to mark with the ever evolving Web standards.
  • addCMS's Content Management System would also assist you to manage your workflow better. This way, you would be able to create cycles of parallel and sequential tasks to be accomplished via the CMS.
  • Our cms management solution would enable you to manage the life cycle of your web documents. This means that you would be able to keep track of the document from its initial creation, revision and publication till its archiving and destruction.
  • Our content management system would be a means to allow you to work within a virtual copy of your entire website. This way, you would be able to make changes all through your Web portal or multiple interdependent resources to be executed or viewed in context before you submit it to the Web. This is one of the major reasons why addCMS is considered to be one of the best content management systems.

Thus, addCMS, Content Management Software, is easy to use, affordable to invest in, and perfect for building professional websites.


Say Goodbye To All Professional Web masters With a Web CMS

With the Web becoming the most popular and powerful source of information and a hype in the content management software market today, more and more people are realizing the importance of Web based Content Management Softwares.

The Importance of Good Content on a Site

Content is the most vital component for every Web site or advertising/marketing tool. That is why, it has become extremely essential for Web site owners to manage their Web files and content on a regular basis.

Blogs and Press Releases for SEO

Internet technology has played a great part in shaping successful businesses and global brands.


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addCMS Content Management Software offers automated templates, WYSIWYG editor tools and plug-ins
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