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Things to Remember While Managing your PPC Campaign


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There are several factors that must be remembered before beginning to manage one’s own PPC campaign. Here are the factors that you can consider when managing your pay per click campaign.



The most crucial factor to consider in a PPC campaign is how much one can afford to bid for a specific keyword. Often it is expensive to get a top ranking. However, it is necessary to assess whether this is affordable. Typically, on an average, a typical E-Commerce site converts only 2% of its visitors. This means one needs to have 50 visitors on the site before a single sale is actually made.


Example: When a sum of $5.00 is charged per click, it means one would have to spend about $250 dollars to generate just that one sale. This is a crucial aspect to think about as it does not seem too reliable or helpful when one is starting out.

Identify Your Niche


Identifying ones' niche is critical to the pay per click campaign. After all, one needs to know the most popular search terms that are typed into the search engine by online surfers. To get within top ranks, one needs to know ones' niche in terms of marketability.


Basic Keyword List To Describe Niche
Having a PPC campaign sounds prestigious but working on building it is not an easy chore at all. A basic list of keywords should ideally suffice to describe one’s niche segment in the market. It is also a good idea to use derivatives of the main words one wants to use as this would facilitate a broader scope of keywords that can be bid on.


Touch Down on Low Competition Keywords

The pay per click advertising segment is a highly competitive one. So, it is necessary to be aware that a lot of the words one wants to bid for may be way off the budget. The key to pay per click advertising success is to identify the low competition keyword variations of the main keyword. These are bound to be less popular words so it would naturally cost less.


Invest in keyword analyzer software

It is always a good idea to invest in keyword analyzer software. Most of the time this can be found online itself and free of cost. This not only gives you a list of alternatives for any search word that one enters but will also display the number of searches for that particular keyword. Using this software, it is possible to know what words can be bid on without exceeding the budget.


Write Compelling Ads

Most ads for pay per click campaigns comprise less than 125 characters. This means few words are used. A good style is to use a question like format to engage the attention of those who view one’s ads. By using one’s main keyword in the ad title, it is possible for a surfer who searches for the main keyword to see this particular ad. This enhances the visibility of the ad and more probability of users clicking through to reach the said web page.


Test the Ad

Lastly, test the standing of one’s ad by drafting a  different ad and run that against the former. The test result would determine which ad gets more clicks through ads or sales. Once this becomes clear, create another ad and see whether that can beat the other two. Since most pay per click companies lets one run two ads simultaneously, it is possible to get the best ad going all the way to promote one’s online venture in a most cost effective way.

With these tips to serve as guiding points, it will definitely be easy to choose the right management approach and use the right keywords to create relevant ads.


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