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Mambo is one the most powerful open-source content management systems that can be used for developing and managing any type of website and online appalication.   


Why Mambo

  • Mambo is developed in PHP and MySQL.
  • Mambo provides a very comprehensive admin manager.
  • Mambo uses a modular framework, which provides component and class extensibility.
  • Mambo’s web based interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Once the set up is done, even unskilled people can use it with ease.
  • Lots of plug-ins and extensions are available for Mambo. These include photos and multimedia galleries, shopping carts, templates, and document management tools etc.
  • Mambo enables you to add meta data and other features to your content so that your site gets a good ranking on the search engines. Mambo also keeps a track of the searches made on your web site. You can find out what your visitors are searching for and update your site accordingly.
  • Mambo can be fully customized in local languages.
  • Mambo is free of cost and hence it is cost effective to get your application customized in Mambo.

Services offered by addCMS in Mambo Customization

  • Designing and customizing templates
  • Designing and customizing components
  • Designing and customizing modules
  • Developing and installing modules
  • Design Integration
  • Customized modifications and maintenance

Why addCMS for open source customization:

  • Our team has extensive expertise in customizing, installing, and designing open source based websites.
  • We have a proven track record of successful customization and implementation of open source CMSs.
  • Our team is constantly updated with online developments.
  • We have experienced management team to look after every project. They also ensure timely delivery of every project.

For more details about our open source customization, installation, and designing services, Contact US. Our sales executive will get in touch with you.


addCMS has extensive experience in developing and deploying web applications using the open-source Content Management System, Mambo. We have a number of satisfied clients across the globe.


For more details about our open source CMS implementation, Contact Us. Our sales executive will get in touch with you.





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