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Mailer And Flyer Copywriting Tips


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Mailers and flyers have been an integral part of direct mailing advertising campaigns since the ancient times. Marketing collaterals such as direct mailer or flyer advertisements have always proven to be the best vehicles that any corporate could use to communicate with a larger audience through a targeted mailing list to effectively endorse their products and services.

It is, however, up to the flyer and direct mail copywriters to ensure that the content of the flyers and mailers are able to make an efficient sales effort to pour in results. Whether in form of a mailer or a single leaf flyer, the copywriter must ascertain that the literature is competent enough to grab the attention of the readers as well as retain a better and loyal clientage for the advertiser.

So, here are a few tips for mailer and flyer copywriting, that would help you in providing enhanced copywriting services to your clients.


Mailer and Flyer Copywriting Tips:

  • Key Differentiation:
    While copywriting direct mail or flyer content make sure you define the service/product and highlight the particular idea behind it that differentiates it from the competition. This is the only way that you would be able to explain to the recipients of the targeted mailing list why the product/service being marketed is what will suit them the best.
  • Definitive Features:
    The direct mail copywriters job is to create content for flyers and mailers which elaborately defines the positive nature of the products being advertised as well as enumerate the many features that would ignite the interest of the prospective customers to purchase them.
  • Target Audience:
    Every marketing collateral that you copywrite for, requires you to research over the audience that you wish to target as well. A demographic study of the customers would help you acquire a better understandability of their requirements thereby providing you with a better platform to copywrite for your mailer or flyer content. Never allow the reader to question as to why they even bothered to go through your copy. Let the content grab their attention throughout.
  • Persuasive Not Cluttered:
    A competent marketing collateral would be the one that has an uncluttered flow of content, which is persuasive as well as involves the customer to keep them reading. For getting such an effect it is essential that your ability of copywriting direct mail and flyer allows you to write content with a consistent and smooth flow, devoid of confusion and monotonicity.
  • Lay Stress On The Corporate Identity:
    The stress should be on the corporate identity for which you are copywriting mailers and flyers. Even though you must always avoid overbearing this too much, but as far as possible try to ensure that the product has its own voice that reflects the corporate image of the organization thus advertising in a convincing and attractive manner.

Mailer Copywriting Essentials:

  • Quality content
  • Compelling and bold “Call To Action” captions
  • Important news/offer announcements
  • Bulleted and highlighted pointers
  • Explanatory captions for images, illustrations and caricatures
  • List of important clients
  • Stress on the security of the product
  • Guarantee scheme
  • Bonus offers
  • Crisp and target oriented original literature

Flyer Copywriting Essentials:

  • Attention grabbing headlines and sub-headings
  • Bulleted and summarized benefits of the products/services being offered
  • Specific in assertion content
  • Literature adding further to the credibility of the product/service/idea
  • Offer starting to expiration date
  • Highlights of raving product reviews
  • Eloquent page content that is comprehensible and alluring
  • Selective offers, discounts and other incentives
  • Illustrations supported by self explanatory short captions.
  • Short yet descriptive content that fits in the space provided

Following these tips would definitely help you serve your modus operandi of copywriting for the most accurate mailers and flyers that would attract your targeted mailing list audience and turn curious customers into prospective ones.


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