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Mailer Designing: Dos and Don'ts


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Mailer designing is definitely one of the best options to boost one’s marketing effort. Designing a mailer is a great and inexpensive way to advertise one’s products and services to potential customers. That is why; mailer designing is equivalent to sending a personal message to one’s target audience.


Tips to consider while designing a mailer:

  • Ask Yourself Some Significant Questions
    It is important to asses the overall objective of the mailer. Decide on whether the mailer is intended towards propelling an online reader to seek your services for information or is it simply a demonstration. These questions would enable you to formulate the right content and approach while creating mailer designs.
  • Establish a Good First Impression
    The truth is that first impressions definitely count in mailer designs.  Thus, it is very important to ensure that the mailer is personalized to show that the reader, specifically and not generally, is unique to one’s vision. This will make a user more positive in response when receiving more detailed information.
  • Make the mailers personal
    Too many formal mailers spoil the effect of communication. Therefore, it is essential to personalize the communication and build a one-on-one reading relation at the beginning itself. This would make the reader feel important. However, it is best not to get too familiar with the reader and avoid using first names.
  • Research before design
    It is always best to research before going ahead with the graphic design mailer. Otherwise it may not propel the response rate one may naturally desire.
  • Use readable font
    It is best to use readable font so that the reader experiences no strain while reading. Strain would naturally impact clarity of understanding and comprehension. The best font to use would be readable fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and so on.
  • Involve the reader
    Involve the reader while creating a graphic design mailer so that the reader is tempted to revert and take up one’s services at the earliest. A time-specific offer would be a good way to ensure that one’s reader responds positively to the call to action. One can use a postcard style to make announcements, invitations or reminders. A letter style mailer would help convey information in a customized way.
  • Keep the design “as simple as possible”
    It is important to keep the design as simple as possible. One can use white space to provide a look of clean, simple and clutter-free appearance. The content should read in a crisp and brief style with easy to read font.
  • Use Company Logo
    Last but not the least, getting the reader's attention can be enhanced by the use of a visual element like a company logo, photo or graphic. However, it is important to make sure that a single visual element alone can dominate the page. The use of company logo is that one can build customer recognition using a consistent style of design.


Using these tips would definitely help you to create a good mailer. So be sure to use these tips effectively.


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