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MegaLims: An enterprise application for Lab Management built on JSF(Java Server Faces)


Being a world class R&D and analytical services organization, the client provides research and development services. The client approached addCMS to develop an advanced LIMS that would help them automate their sample testing processes and enhance their reputation by following stringent quality control methods


The Challenge:

The requirement was to create an enterprise solution for the client that would enable them to fully automate their sample testing processes with accuracy. The client wished that the system have: Barcode Management, Workflow Management, Sample Management, Report Generation,

Invoice Generation and Result Management modules that would assist them in making their workflow smoother and more organized.




The Analysis:

addCMS decided to develop an integrated solution for the client that would enable them to maintain records of their customers, vendors and employees. The developmental team decided that the solution must be able to:


  • Display information pertaining to clients, vendors and employees, as and when required.
  • Assign a unique barcode to every test sample so as to manage the flow of data.
    Allow clients to view requests related to product, invoices etc.
  • Equip users with a better process management.
  • Monitor quality control processes.
  • Execute a complete workflow whenever a sample is tested.
  • Generate partial and complete reports of the testing process.
  • Generate partial and full invoices.


The Solution:

Given the immovable deadline for the rebuilding of the site, addCMS team used the content management software to make additions, modifications and deletions in the content. On the other hand, our team of web designers started redesigning the Web pages by adding Multimedia and Flash using XML.


The Outcome:

After investing an effort of 170 Man Months in developing the application, addCMS has been able to device an application that has currently been divided in 35 big and small modules that provided the client with better efficiency and time reduction in work flow. The application developed by addCMS gave the client more accurate results and error free testing process that could be accessed globally. The best part about the software developed by addCMS team was that it was flexible enough to be customized in accordance with the needs of the clients.