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How does JSF help in Web Application Development?


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JSF or JavaServer Faces is a standard framework that is used for building Java based web applications. These JSF based applications run within the servlet container to provide a complete rich user interface component model that ca be used effectively for component rendering and event handling.


JSF developmentused for web applications enables the developer to get a component-centric view of the development of graphical user interfaces which are similar to that of the traditional GUI application development.


Why choose JSF Application Development:

  • The focus of developing JSF based web applications remains on widgets, layouts, event handlers, inter-relationship betwixt widgets and layouts and events.
  • The entire request and response i.e. HTTP back and forth, translation of the parameters of HTTP to data types which is application-specific, invocation of the logic of the business and validation can be handled by the Java Server Faces framework.
  • Web applications that are created through JSF development can easily run within a portlet or servlet.
  • The Java Server Faces framework provides lifecycle management of Web applications. This is done efficiently through aJSF controller servlet.
  • JSF development provides a component model of a rich user interface that comprises of everything from component rendering, event handling, to declarative navigation.
  • JSF is also extensible. This allows the JSF web application developers to create as well as use their own custom components for developing user friendly applications.

How does JSF help in Web Application Development?

  • The JSF application development tool is actually known to be a standardized specification that is used for building User Interfaces for server side applications.
  • As Java Server Faces is supported by most web browsers it helps developers to create web applications that have a rich user interfaces, therefore better functionality and excellent usability.
  • Technical challenges such as creating components with custom user interfaces can be easily resolved with JSF as it is a user interface framework that is used for building web applications that are Java based.
  • Java Server Faces also aids web application developers in creating Java based applications that renders a user interface code which runs on the severs whilst responding to the events that are generated on the client.
  • Using JSF development for building web applications also enables the user to create tools that simplify coding web-based Java applications.
  • Developing JSF based web application allows the developer to create component rich UIs.
  • The best bet about JSF is that it does not lock the developer into a single vendor. As a matter of fact, Java Server Faces supports all major tool vendors that belong to the Java community.
  • JSF provides developers with an ample choice in web application development tools and get their updated versions too!
  • One other benefit that JSF provides in web application development is that it provides the developer community with a wide array of custom components. These components are made available by tool vendors as Integrated Development Environment to build as well as deploy JSF based applications.
  • JSF controls make a number of user actions available for developers to utilize while they make JSF-based web applications.

Java Server Faces assists developers in creating web based applications that offer more features. Such characteristics and more of JSF is what makes this web application development tool well appreciated by its’ technical users.


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