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 With an increase in demand for cross-platform and portable applications, need for a technology that promises to deliver responsive, easily updatable, distributed, scalable and easily integratable applications becomes inevitable.


addCMS aims at providing solutions to address all these requirements by offering J2EE development services that help create:

  • Superior Enterprise and Web Applications
  • E-Commerce and E-Biz Solutions and,
  • High-end Application Servers and Databases.

Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a Java-based, runtime environment that adheres to these requirements and allows developing distributed multi-tier architecture applications by using modular components.


Why addCMS for J2EE?


J2EE is a promising technology that has been used extensively for developing customized software solutions. By using the J2EE platform, addCMS helps companies:

  • Design and develop integrate customized business solutions that are standardized and follow a component based reliable J2EE architecture that helps decrease your future costs, save development time and ensure longevity of the applications.
  • Easily integrate applications with all databases, applications and back-end information systems.
  • Developing distributed applications that can operate on multiple tiers.
  • Develop applications that are scalable and portable.  
  • Deliver timely solutions by using the J2EE “containers” that are ready-to-use business logic modules to help optimize the resources in the best possible manner to perk up client experience. Containers can be customized to suit client requirements and thereby delivering solutions faster.
  • Separate low level services from the application logic and save a lot of development time. An enterprise application needs to employ extremely complex services such as transaction and state management, resource pooling and multi-threading to be successful.
  • Obtain continuous production support of highly skilled J2EE experts who work with clients round the clock to understand their requirements. addCMS understands the importance of keeping its workforce updated with the latest in technology and hence invests in ongoing training in technology to ensure you products that match the current industry trends.
  • Develop applications that are globally accepted.

J2EE is a mature technology and its wide acceptance allows us at addCMS to offer services that are globally recognized and cater to the needs of a wider audience.


We at addCMS believe in building long term relationship with the clients and hence take initiative in taking initiative in solving problems of clients and providing 24x7 production support. Our team is proficient in non-typical solution designing and consultation and development of software security. Our incomparable analytical skills in implementation of innovative and complex software helps us build applications that can be successfully used in production or systems that can be deployed for commercial use to become global leaders.


Our state-of-the-art offshore software development center has team of highly experienced and professional software developers and engineers with strong expertise of J2EE applications. We give our clients the best benefits of quality Java and Java enterprise development solutions.


Skill set of our Java Developers:

  • J2EE, J2ME platforms
  • Eclipse, and Netbeans
  • Sun Developer 1
  • WebSphere Middleware
  • JBoss
  • Ajax, Swing, Blogs, BPEL
  • RFID


We offer complete life cycle of Java development starting from Analysis, Design, Maintenance, Testing, Implementation and Support. Our Customized Java Solutions include Desktop Java applications, Web Java development like web portals, web applications, shared applications, Enterprise J2EE solutions, Workflow management systems and J2ME solutions.

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