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Voice Based (IVRS) Complaint Management System

The client is a builder who has developed apartment/societies in various posh areas. They were constantly facing a problem of having to deal with the day-to-day complaints of the society residents. An escalation in the number of the unattended calls had given rise to dissatisfaction amongst the residents of their apartments. That is why; the clients approached addCMS in hope of getting such an inventive IVR System that would allow the residents of their societies to make calls over a telephone line and register complaints, as and when required.


The Challenge:

To turn a simple telephone instrument into a powerful input/output device through which all kinds of transactions could be performed with assured security and data integrity.


The Analysis:

After a quick discussion about the project, addCMS developer team decided to create an IVR system that would cater to functions such as:

  • Complaint Registration
  • Complaint number assignment
  • Complaint number sent to customers through SMS
  • Send alerts to concerned complaint attendants

The Solution:

addCMS developmental team created an IVRS that was best suited for apartments or societies with number of residents within the premises. The system could be used by employees in organizations for registering resource requirements or faults. The IVRS had a repository of independent modules that helped the client manage their business database, make connections with their customers and manage product information better.


The flow of the system is as follows:


  1. The User chooses the language by pressing 1 for English or 2 for Hindi.
  2. The next step is to enter their details, for eg. the house number.
  3. Then, the user enters the type of the complaint for eg. 1 for electricity, 2 for water or 3 for other complaints.
  4. The complaint gets registered and the registration number is given to the user.
  5. An alert is sent to the concerned attendant.

An easy user interface made the addCMS designed IVRS an instant hit with the client and their end users.


The Outcome:

An IVRS based complaint management system that is now used for booking complaints of the residents. The IVR system automatically distributes complaints to the concernedpeople, so that the calls are attended every time, without fail. Because of this organized, IVR-based complaint management system; the turn-around time of attending the complaints was reduced drastically, which led to more satisfied residents.