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iPhone Operating System


With the launch of the iPhone smart phones taking mobile telephony to newer heights, the need for developing smart applications specifically designed for this smart device becomes evident. We at addCMS have understood the need for such state-of-the-art easily customizable mobile applications and bring to our clients the services that aim at harnessing the best of iPhone operating system features and developing applications exclusively designed for the iPhone.


iPhone Operating System Overview

iPhone OS is a combination of the operating system and the technologies that can be used to create applications for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The technologies and the basic application infrastructure available in the iPhone OS allows you to create superior applications that respond to touch events and display high-quality graphics. The OS also grants access to Multi-Touch events, the hardware accelerometers, and other device features that make it easy to create advanced and innovative applications.


Why iPhone for addCMS?

iPhone has emerged as a phenomenon in the mobile phone market and has taken the world by storm. With an ever growing iPhone user population, applications that utilize the best of iPhone features and offer matchless user services too is on an increase. addCMS with its panel of expert iPhone developers promise applications that suit every need. From newer features to future possibilities, addCMS has explored every bit of the iPhone application development and helps you design and deliver iPhone applications that allow your users to:

  • Copy & Paste text and photos with a simple tapping gesture
  • Search entire information contained in the iPhone with the help of New Spotlight, a search utility that helps dig out information from the address book, mail, maps, calendar, iPod, and other applications on the phone.
  • Connect the iPhone 3G to a laptop and use it as a modem to access the internet by a technique called 3G Tethering.
  • Key In text using the Landscape keyboard.
  • Send multimedia messages including rich content that can contain everything from images to sound to vcards even to people who do not possess mail-enabled telephones.
  • Subscribe to web calendars by using protocols such as the CalDAV that is supported by Google and Yahoo and subscriptions through the .ics format that is used by Apple in iCal.
  • Learn about the latest in the stock market with the new and improved stocks application.
  • Pair the iPhone with a stereo Bluetooth A2DP device such as headphones or speakers.
  • Synchronize notes with iTunes.
  • Remember login credentials for automatically signing in.
  • Shuffle music by simply shaking the iPhone
  • Log Onto the Wi-Fi automatically.
  • Prevent your phone from malicious sites with the help of anti-phishing utilities.
  • Filter mobile content by applying adult filters to movies, TV shows, and applications, in addition to web sites and music.
  • Record voice or any other sound by using the Voice memo application.
  • Send and receive files between iPhones or iPods touch using the Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Browse remote content
  • Use your iPhone to control peripherals
  • Attach your iPhone to a glucose monitoring device and set alerts in case of emergencies
  • Browse maps inside other applications by using the maps API.

While there can be numerous applications that can be developed using over 1000 APIs available in the iPhone API, addCMS is the answer to all such possibilities.

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