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When it comes to Interior and Furniture website designing, addCMS is able to achieve a design which is both usable and pleasing. We will make all the efforts to make your interior and furniture website design deliver all the relevant information about your business, building your brand identity further. We would create an exquisite interior and furniture website that would help you showcase all your furnishings or furniture pieces in the best possible manner, compelling your customers to buy from you.


Why addCMS for Interior and Furniture Website Designing?

  • Experienced Staff of Designers: We know that as a furniture/interior store owner you would require an interior and furniture website design that includes features that the very latest in website designing and development, along with the basics. Our experienced web designers would create such interior and furniture website design exquisitely for you, which would keep the eyes of your website visitors glued to their PC screens.
  • Technically rich features: We at addCMS add technical features to your interior and furniture websites designs, such as: Java Server Page(JSP) programming, MySQL Database Creation and Implementation, on-going maintenance through CMS, DHTML inclusive of advanced CSS-P concepts, FLASH animations/ActionScript, Animation and Image Rendering through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop.
  • Whitespace: We believe that whitespace creates room so as to guide the eyes of your websites for furniture and interior viewer’s and user’s around the various elements present on your site. Uncluttered website design and content would help the browsers to view all the products or offers displayed on your interior and furniture website, compelling them to purchase from you rather than from those whose websites are cramped together and look cheaper and of low quality.
  • Tabbing: As soon as a visitor hits you interior and furniture website, he/she must be able to view all the essential tabs of your website. We would place all the essential tabs such as Contact us, Home, About us, Product Information, Hot Buys, Furniture images, Fabric Selection, Manufacturer Catalogs, Special Offers, Catalog Request, Accessories, Specific room furniture and the such on your index page and provide links on the relevant inner pages as well.
  • E-commerce Shopping cart and Payment gateway addition: addCMS is of the view that our furniture and interior website designing falls fractionally incomplete without an E-commerce shopping cart that allows visitors to purchase right from your online shop and make payments through online payment gateways. Therefore, we ensure that we integrate your interior and furniture website design with E-Commerce or osCommerce features combined with popular online payment gateways such as PayPal.
  • Easy Navigation: addCMS has been long in the business to understand that easy to use navigation is essential for any furniture and interior website designing.
  • Space for Ads: addCMS comprehends that any website for interior design or furniture is incomplete without an appropriate ad space which allows you to advertise your recently launched furniture and interior designs or your store locations. We would make Ad spaces that would enhance the user experience and make your sites design highly noticeable.
  • Music addition: Just imagine how wonderful it would be for your visitors to browse through your interior furnishings while listening to soothing music. We at addCMS would help you add music to your interior and furniture website making your readers return again and again to view your showcased products and purchase them.
  • Pop-Up Ads and Furniture/Interior Images: addCMS' experienced team of designers and developers are fully acquainted with the fact that those who wish to purchase your products would not like to buy anything only by seeing their thumb nail images. That is why we make sure that each of the addCMS designed interior and furniture website has pop ups that display the complete images in zoom to the viewers. If you want we would also add in advertisement pop ups where you can tell the users about the newly introduced products at your store.
  • Great Graphics, Color, Font, Layout selection: We would add graphics, colors and fonts which would amplify your style and attitude. Our thematic layouts would make your interior and furniture website look fancier and more appealing.

We assure of providing you with furniture and interior website designing that is technically sound as well as visually coherent. addCMS' proficient web designers understand that furniture and interior design websites are not just about good looks or providing the visitors with an aesthetic feel. Spending innumerable hours on website designing for interior and furniture design websites they have learned that it is an art and method of developing which reflects an effective web presence for the clients and depicts their business' identity and unique image.

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