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Importance of CSS for a site


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Cascading style sheets, also called as CSS, are mostly used to delineate the stylistic elements of a web page comprising color, layout, and fonts from the portion relating to the content of the page such as paragraphs and images. This is basically a form of separation of content from presentation.


Why CSS is an Advantage

CSS is extremely advantageous for webistes as it helps create css tableless design. It lets one enjoy greater control of a page structure, facilitates smaller file sizes, and lets one hide certain content from browsers too. It is almost thrilling to imagine how a single css sheet can control the font, positioning, color and style information of an entire website.


To clarify all of the best css advantages further, the following points are elucidated below:


  • Smaller file sizes
    It is possible to reduce the overall quantity of code on web pages just by taking off the styles from the HTML page and placing it into a standalone or imported style sheet namely a css file. Major search engines such as Google prefer web pages with smaller file sizes.
  • Greater control of web page structure
    One of the best css advantages is that one can have greater control on the web page structure. This means that CSS gives one the freedom to structure a document as per the HTML standards. This enables web designers to transform bland pages into those with artistic and creative flair.
  • Hide content from browsers
    In certain situations, CSS enables one to hide content from browsers. Suppose one wants some content to appear in print but not during online page navigation, this can be done using CSS. An added benefit is that Google would continue to index all of the content so that one still enjoys the benefit of what the content brings.
  • Easier to load web pages
    The css tableless design style sheets are definitely preferred by web developers as it comprises light layouts, that consumes very little bandwidth. Using the css style sheet, it is simply downloaded once and then stored in the cache memory. This ensures that subsequent pages load much faster.
  • Flexible Positioning of Elements
    CSS makes flexible positioning of elements possible. At any time, when a developer feels that certain web links or columns need to be changed, placed differently or removed, CSS makes it possible with minimal risks. In fact, a major advantage of using CSS is that it reduces the risks associated with a website’s maintenance.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    The css system is highly favored because it is search engine friendly. With its flexible positioning advantage, CSS enables easy capturing by web spiders. CSS also provides cleaner HTML codes thereby lessening the task of the web spider to search the real content and delineate it from junk code.
  • Total consistency
    CSS ensures total consistency to all web pages. All of the expressions and texts derive their characteristics from an external style sheet. This means that web developers don’t have any headaches in case of changes in the characteristics of the elements. This is also because changes can be easily altered at any stage of web development, thanks to using the CSS.


To make things easier, more flexible and definitely search engine friendly on one’s website, there is no other way better than the CSS way to opt for.


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