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Impacting CD presentations: The best trick to grab attention of your audiences


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In today’s corporate world, a CD presentation is the most preferred way to establish one’s understanding of a concept. CD presentations are a part of work related activity. However, a host of factors need to be considered to ensure that the CD presentation makes a good impression on others.


Tips to grab the attention of the target audience using well designed CD presentations:

  • Clear Communication of Information:
    The most important aspect to ensure the effectiveness of CD presentations is to communicate clearly the vital points of the presentation. A CD presentation would be futile if one forgets the vital points. Listing points can definitely help to ensure clarity of communication. Then, one can develop the speech about each specific point clearly.
  • Simple Layout and Fonts:
    It is best to adhere to simple layouts and fonts for the presentation. The overall design of the presentation should have a ‘clean space’ feel. To ensure a clean space design, there should be space around the headings and sub headings of the presentation. A cluttered design would be a strict no-no as it would create a messy, disorganized structure to the overall presentation.
  • Highlight Hierarchy:
    The use of diverse font type sizes can be used to show the hierarchy of importance in the points of presentation wherever this is appropriate.
  • Charts and Graphs:
    To highlight statistical information, it is best to use a visual format that is easily understood by the others. For this, a chart or graphic would be ideal. A graphic is a more specific type of chart that shows a series of changing quantities. To optimize the effect, it is best to keep elements, lines, colors and textures to a minimum.
  • Video Inserts:
    To spark off instant interest and provoke discussion, incorporating video inserts would do wonders for a CD presentation. The entire presentation becomes spiced with interest, vibrancy and dynamic interaction. The video inserts may be strategically used to sum up different sections of a long CD presentation.
  • Avoid Clipart:
    To attempt the use of Clipart as part of a CD presentation would be disastrous. Therefore, it is best to steer clear from using Clipart as part of the presentation. A good option is to import pictures using other sources. One can use a scanner with special software to scan the organization’s logo in a PCX format  or bitmap to include it in every frame. Besides, photographs can be scanned or downloaded using any of the stock photography sources.
  • Use Subtle Transition:
    Just as punctuation is vital to a sentence, transitions are an integral part of a good CD presentation. Transitions maybe used appropriately to bridge breaks between themes in the presentation and to bracket the vital parts of the discussion. Smooth transitions may be effectively used between slides to add a more polished effect to the presentation. Some transition effects include dissolves, wipes, fades, explodes, vertical or horizontal
  • Back Up of CD presentation:
    It is always advisable to keep a back-up of the CD presentation. This can be either on a CD itself or a USB stick.
  • Make Copies of CD Presentation:
    Last but not the least; it is a good idea to make copies of the CD for others to refer to after the talk. Alternatively, a summary of the talk may be distributed in advance. But these handouts should be extremely simple so that users are not tempted to skip the information.


Using these tips as ready reference, the CD presentation is definitely going in the right direction; namely, a positive and compelling experience for others.


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