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How to analyze Page Ranking


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Page ranking is a concept that is related to the working of search engines and how well ones' site is indexed so that it is easily found. It is relevant to understand how to increase page rank as it would fortify the chances of an organizations' website to achieve a high future page rank.


So, before you pop the inevitable question, ‘what is my page rank’, let’s briefly understand about how search engines play a major role in alloting a high page rank to a site.


Search engines and high page rank

There are programs known as ‘spiders’ or ‘crawlers’ that are used by search engines to visit and index information provided on web sites. That is why experts recommend one should optimize web pages for fully developing a site.


Remember, when one searches a specific term on the Internet, only some ten most suited matches get represented on the first search results page. This is where the page ranking system really starts.


Crack the Page Ranking Code

To start cracking the code for page rank update or page rank predictor and double earnings, let's understand the two most effective ways to analyze and find page rank:


Hit Counter

Considered to be a great method on page rankings, the hit counter shows the number of hits that a web page has. One can get a general view of page rank update or page rank using the hit counter way to understand the kind of traffic generated on one’s website. This means that one can clearly understand how many times users on the Internet visited the said page.


But this should not be considered to be the final word when one is keen to find page rank. After all, hit counters work only to a particular limit because many users visit a site and leave it the next minute for some other site. This is not ideally to be counted but hit counter would count this. Apart from this point, hit counter is extremely popular to understand about page rankings in general and not in specifics.


Stat Counters

Lots of stat counters are present on the Internet. To increase page rank and create high page rank, this is helpful to a certain limit. A stat counter is basically a program which lets one see and analyze the traffic on their website. Not only do you get to see the hits on the website, but you also get to understand and analyze the duration through which online users were hooked on to your web page. So if there was a person who visited the site for just a minute, then one can decide not to count it at all. By all means, this information provided by stat counters helps one have specific overview of page rankings too.


Keyword Details

Lastly, one of the best advantages of using a stat counter is that one gets to know the specific keyword details that the visitors look for on one’s site. This is extremely helpful to analyze what set of specific keywords tend to generate certain type of traffic to the site. Also, the more one can narrow and target the online visitor, the more revenue and sales one can make. This obviously means one can find ways to improve page rank and fortify future page rank. That is why analyzing page rank is so important.

To sum up, there are lots of ways to analyze page rank. Using the two ways covered in this article, one can use this to get more traffic and gain higher page rank. So get going and good luck!


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