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Features of Hospitality Websites


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With so many hospitality websites establishing their presence on the Internet and striving to make more customers through the World Wide Web. However, even the best hotel website requires to have certain features that enable them to make more clients online.


Factors to Consider:

There are several factors to consider in the creation of hospitality websites before achieving the status of best hotel website. The most important details relate to the hospitality site’s color scheme, layout, visual appeal, easy navigation method and theme.


Vital features for a good hospitality site:

  • Quality of information:
    To satisfy the requirements of potential customers who are always on the net 24/7, it is essential to provide qualitative, in-depth information pertaining to hotel menus, room layouts, ambiance, entertainment options, events calendar and much more.
  • Interactivity:
    A good hospitality website should ideally propel the online visitor to opting for their services using their various site options such as make a booking, recommend friends and get a discount, request more information, and a lot more. This type of interactive elements on a website will not only spark the interest of online visitors but convert them into valuable resources for creating potential customers too.
  • User friendly technical requirements:
    It is essential to ensure that the website is quick to load and free of any annoying features. It is also vital that online users  suffer no problems in viewing the website using different computers or operating systems. To cite an example, in case Flash is used, the feature should not slow or cause annoyance to the online user experience.
  • Virtual Tours:
    A hospitality website may ideally provide the best use of photography, color and layout in its virtual tours. This helps not only to heighten a sense of drama or adventure but to heighten the thrill of visual impact as well for the online user who is keen to make a hotel reservation. This would further establish credibility and trust with the online users. This would also result in the user experience an on-the-premises feel.
  • 360º virtual tours:
    To make the online experience more appealing, it is ideal to incorporate attention-grabbing 360º virtual tours for a hospitality website. Using state-of-the-art iPIX technology is a great way to capture a complete view of the hotel. This may further be provided with panoramic images provides a full 360º viewing of hotel property. The views may include suites, guest rooms, pool and spa, dining area, and any other important aspect of the hotel premises. The amazing, interactive technology can be utilized to provoke and inspire the online user’s imagination.
  • Easy Navigation:
    Research shows that over 34% of online users finalize all of their travel purchases online. Also, almost 78% of online travel bookers use the Internet to do more than a half of their travel booking. Therefore, it is essential to ensure easy and fast navigation options on the hospitality web site.
  • Online Reservation System:
    Lastly, the highest quality reservation system is required so that the online users can make their bookings on the hospitality web site. The users can also get quotes online itself in accordance with their budgetary limitation. The online reservation system enables users to control when and how they want to make use of the hospitality services that are offered to them.


To sum up, as hospitality websites are growing by leaps and bounds it is important that enable online users to enjoy limitless opportunities across a range of hospitality services while being online. Nevertheless, taking these pointers into consideration, any hospitality website can make it to the top. 


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