FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM acts as the "one-stop" complete management and development solution providing management and development consulting to hotels, resort properties, serviced apartments, club houses, restaurants and other hospitality assets.

We help establish, or rebuild, profitability, solve management systems inefficiencies, re-engineer policies and guest programs, establish effective marketing programs and manage your new developments from 'the dream' to the first guest registration and beyond.

Our track record and experience with hospitality properties is the homogenous link between owners of properties, and the consumer as guest, to provide services of the highest standard within the framework of the identified concept.

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM , establishes or rebuilds profitability in properties by exercising management control, direction and measurement to restore achievable returns and to maximize value added assets by revenue and capital growth. FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM constantly strives to achieve returns which exceed the industry standards.

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL DCM enhances the profitability through marketing and advertising initiatives and further investment in maintenance and upgrading whilst controlling costs and expenses.

We remain technology driven ensuring highest level of guest satisfaction and maximizing the value of the hospitality asset

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM experience reaches all types of hospitality properties as well as all corners of our globe. The team of FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM is comprised of professionals who have worked in many of the international hotel chains in Executive and Corporate Positions. They are members of renowned Hospitality, Associations. This combination of industry expertise and networking with the leaders of the industry empowers FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM to fulfill our mission to continuously stay on top of developments and to provide the most update service to our partners and clients.

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