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HES International
Executive Search Worlwide

Efficiency and productivity of a company can only be rendered through constructing the proper structure and recruiting befitting personnel. This fact is one of the most critical issues of the hospitality industry which is one of the forthcoming service industries. Selecting the most appropriate and efficient team is the most crucial step when the uncertainty that world economies are in is considered.

Principles and procedures that are successfully defined and implemented by the management are the most important factors that provide a positive image for the hotel. Thus, investors' trust in the executive team about the operations and marketing of the hotel is critical.

With this understanding, FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL offers you an executive search system specialized for the lodging and hospitality industry. Our databases are formed by local and foreign executives who have exceeded the necessary criteria about education and job experience.

First step to our studies is examining your organization and expectations about the vacant positions. Our search system matches the most appropriate candidates with the requirements of your vacant position. The indepth CV's, the personal information forms and detailed reference checks we provide regarding each candidate offer you a chance to get to know them without wasting your time.


Moreover, candidates' detailed analyses, personality tests and comparison with other candidates and VCD's of the interview recordings are provided on request.


In the case the executive that we have placed departs within 3 months, we guarantee to replace them on the house.

HES International Executive Search Worlwide Process Flow